Where Are John Deere Tractors Made? Manufacturing Locations

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Back in the old days, John Deere dominated the tractor industry for ages. From the first machine called Waterloo Boy, with extremely low horsepower, its tractor business has now become one of the market leaders on a global scale. 

The strong growth has led to a factory network expansion in response to the vast demand. The question is: Where is John Deere made? Scroll down to learn now!

Where Are John Deere Tractors Manufactured?

The headquarters of John Deere is located in Moline, Illinois, but its factories are scattered across the United States, like Georgia, Augusta, Iowa, etc. Other facilities are based in foreign countries, like Germany, Brazil, China, or India.

Where Are John Deere Tractors Manufactured

Key products or parts at each plant do not stay consistent. For example, the manufacturer plans to line up the larger models in Waterloo, Iowa, including the 7R, 8R, and 9R series of tractors.

Since the 1950s, the company has built production firms worldwide to meet the global business strategy. In detail, it continued to develop 11 factories in Argentina, Brazil, Germany, China, India, Mexico, and Russia. Like the domestic manufacturing plan, John Deere distributes different components or models to each facility.

Where Is John Deere Made In the USA?

Most John Deere tractor models ship from factories in Waterloo (Iowa), Augusta (Georgia), Greeneville (Tennessee), and Horicon (Wisconsin). The first location handles the production of agricultural tractors, while the second plant focuses on compact utility tractors. The other two strive to serve the garden and lawn tractors.

Additionally, John Deere develops several facilities for other agricultural products, as shown below.

StateProduction SiteMain Responsibilities
IllinoisEast MolineLarge combine harvesters
MolinePlanting equipment and hydraulic cylinders
IowaAnkenyForage harvesters, sprayers, tillage equipment, cotton harvesters
DavenportMotor graders, wheeled forestry equipment, articulated dump trucks, wheel loaders
OttumwaHay and forage equipment
DubuqueCrawlers, backhoes, tracked forestry equipment, skid-steer loaders
Waterloo (the second one)Assembly operation, service parts, foundry operation, drivetrain operations
KansasCoffeyvillePump drives, planetaries, transmissions
LouisianaThibodauxScrapers and cane harvesting equipment
North CarolinaFuquay VarinaMowing and golf equipment
North DakotaValley CityPlanting equipment
TennesseeGreenevilleLawn care equipment
WisconsinHoriconLawn care equipment

What Was John Deere Tractors Made Outside Of The US?

Deere & Co. has expanded its production network to more than 30 countries worldwide. There are 6 foreign nations responsible for producing tractors, including Argentina, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, India, Russia, and China. Each facility specializes in certain product lines.

John Deere Tractors Manufactured

For example, the Mannheim plant in western Germany focuses on the 5R, 6M, and 6R series. Meanwhile, most 5E series models come from the Hadapsar factory, which is located in southeast India. Below is a quick rundown of the global facilities for both tractors and agricultural machinery.

CountryProduction SiteStandard Equipment
BrazilMontenegroAG tractors
IndaiatubaBackhoe loaders, harvesters, hydraulic excavators
ArgentinaGranaderoBaigorriaTractors and combined harvesters
FinlandJoensuuWheeled harvesters and forwarders
FranceFleury-Les-AubraisPower Systems
GermanyMannheim6000 series tractors
ZweibrückenHarvesting equipment
IndiaDewas and Pune5000 series tractors
PatialaExcavators and backhoe loaders
MexicoMonterreyAG tractors and construction equipment
TorreonHeavy-duty axles, 6- and 4-cylinder engines
NetherlandsHorstAgricultural sprayers
ChinaTianjinAG tractors, harvesters, and combines
NingboTractors and construction equipment
RussiaMoscow/DomodedovoAG tractors

Who Makes The John Deere Engine?

John Deere Power Systems

John Deere established a separate division called John Deere Power Systems that handled most of the diesel engine production for its output. However, its capacity caters mainly to large-scale commercial and agricultural tractors.

At the same time, they outsourced with other engine manufacturers for small tractors, lawnmowers, and even non-domestic equipment.

Some trusted partners include Yanmar, Briggs & Straton, and Kawasaki, which are incharge of various product lines. For example, Yanmar – a Japanese manufacturer working with John Deere for 30 years, specializes in small engines for compact tractors.

Meanwhile, you can find Kawasaki engines in lawn mowers, boats, or motorcycles from John Deere. The remaining partner – Briggs & Stratton, is specialized in snowblowers and generators. It is best to consult the manual or check under the hood to determine who produced your engine.


Who Is John Deere’s Biggest Competitor?

In the tractor market, John Deere competes with many great partners, including CNH Industrial (Brands Case IH, New Holland, and Steyr), Kubota, AGCO (Brands Fendt, Valtra, Challenger, and Massey Ferguson), and Mahindra & Mahindra.

Why Are John Deere Tractors So Expensive?

John Deere is a trusted brand known for its durable, high-quality, and rich-featured products. Hence, customers are willing to pay a higher price for a quality guarantee.


As seen above, John Deere manufacturing facilities are available across the world. Outsourcing is inevitable to save production costs and optimize output. 

Even so, the manufacturer commits to rigorous quality checks on all plants to consistently provide loyal customers with reliable tractors. Do not hesitate to invest in its signature green and yellow farm machinery for immersive engine power.

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