What Time Does Tractor Supply Open & Close? Store Hours

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Tractor Supply Company (TSC) owns a large network of over 2,000 stores across the United States. This provider has been in the market for over 80 years and has become one of the household names with domestic consumers. 

As familiar as it is, some don’t have the faintest idea about the stores’ business hours, especially on holidays. So how late is Tractor Supply open? Scroll down to learn!

What Time Does Tractor Supply Open & Close?

Most Tractor Suppl stores open at 8:00 AM and close at 9:00 PM – Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, they open later at 9:00 AM and close earlier at 7:00 PM. However, the schedule changes on some special holidays and the actual timeline may vary with locations. 

Tractor Supply Location

Some shops in the suburbs may end the business day earlier than those in the central area. You can still come across a few stores with lights on at 10:00 PM in major US cities.

How To Find Tractor Supply Hours 

Store Locator

There is nothing better than the official site for the latest and greatest updates on the operating hours of the TSC stores. Whenever you have questions about opening and closing times, access the store locator here or redirect from the main website.

Enter your address or the city zip code in the search box at the main interface. Click “Find” and wait for a few seconds. The system then shows you a list of TSC facilities near you, along with the exact running hours of the day. 

It also provides specific addresses, contact information, directions, store hours, etc. Tap on “Directions and More” to see your destination’s weekly schedule.

Google Map

Most smartphone users today are no strangers to this famous application. Google Maps comes out on top for those who prefer quick action: https://www.google.com/maps/search/Tractor+Supply/@42.0012596,-102.760216,4.75z?entry=ttu

Go into this tool and search for Tractor Supply stores through the search bar. Another way is to navigate to your current area and survey the map shown.

Whichever approach you take, you can check the hour of closing and opening once you determine an exact address. Like the store locator, you can get phone numbers, directions, and even customer reviews on this site.

TSC Mobile App

This retail carrier has also announced a mobile app for Android and iOS phone users. It is free to download and catch up with the latest information on uptime, even during the holiday season.

Additionally, you can make purchases, payments and request shipping online. The app also accumulates points after every order to redeem attractive rewards.

Tractor Supply’s Holiday Hour

Most Tractor Supply stores are available year-round, except for the four most special events. Below is the quick rundown for your preference.

TimeU.S HolidayWorking Status
January 1stNew Years DayClosed
January 17thMartin Luther King DayOpen as usual
February 14thValentine’s DayOpen as usual
February 21stPresident’s DayOpen as usual
April 5thGood FridayOpen as usual
April 9thEaster DayClosed
May 30thMemorial DayOpen as usual
July 4thIndependence DayOpen as usual
November 5thLabor DayOpen as usual
November 11thVeterans DayOpen as usual
December 24thThanksgivingClosed
December 25thBlack FridayOpen as usual
November 24thChristmas EveOpen
November 25thChristmas DayClosed
November 31stNew Year’s EveOpen

Note: Store hours on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve may be shorter than normal days. Most stores often apply the shorter working time on Sunday to their holiday schedule so employees can spend time with their family and friends.

Notes Before Visiting TSC Stores To Save Time

Tractor Supply Hour

Check For Business Hours In Advance

Checking the store hours before heading there is a good way to avoid frustration and inconvenience. No one wants to waste time driving to another location just because their destination is closed due to a change in business hours. 

Instead, always check the website or contact the local representative directly for accurate information and a good shopping experience.

Plan For Holidays

You should know that shops get crowded before or on special holidays because there will likely be discounts, and everyone tries to be fully prepared for their vacation. Therefore, plan your shopping before you leave the house. Do not forget to check the official website for seasonal promotions and offers.

If you aim for everyday products that are often in high demand, visit the shops as soon as possible. This is also good to get the exclusive benefit of early arrivals, if any.

Stay Informed With Updates On Store Hour

The TSC retail chain changes its business schedules according to many factors, such as geographical location, weather conditions, holidays, etc. Therefore, always update any changes before you visit a site. 

Signing up for email newsletters on the official website is the best way to stay informed, especially on important anniversaries. The timeline is never fixed. Otherwise, feel free to contact your local facility and get a quick answer.


What Is The Tractor Supply Brand Name?

Tractor Supply owns several exclusive brands, including 4health, Red Shed, CountyLine, Retriever, American Farm Works, Barn Star, Bit & Bridle, C.E. Schmidt Workwear, Red Stone, Paws & Claws, etc.

What Are Popular Products At Tractor Supply?

Tractor Supply provides consumers with a wide range of products, most common pet care, canning and garden supplies, water storage containers, books, work clothes, lawn tools, etc.


These retail stores are committed to legendary service and economical prices, so they are definitely an ideal destination for rural product shoppers. However, check for Tractor Supply store hours before your visits, especially on festive days. Fortunately, you are welcome almost every day of the year for your convenience.

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