FE35 Engine knock

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FE35 Engine knock

Lou Melo I have a 1959 FE35 with a Standard 4 cyl. diesel. It just developed a loud knocking noise after the tractor runs for a while. The knock doesn't seem to be there when the engine is cold but after about 45 minutes to an hour it starts to make this noise. I live just north of Barrie, Ontario Canada and the temps here have been between -10 to -20 degrees celcius(14 to -4 fahrenheit). Anybody got any ideas.


Geoff Gane Lou it's possible you have broken piston rings between the piston crown and the cylinder head..this was common on FE35's...Another problem encountered was a stuck inlet manifold heater allowing raw fuel to leak into the sylinders..usually accompanied by excessive smoke...and lastly what is the engine oil pressure like when the engine gets hot?..I hope some of this information is of use to you but if you need any more please contact me..Regards..Geoff
Lou Thanks for your response Geoff. I am new to this tractor thing and I don't know very much about them. How involved is a ring job on these tractors? The manifold heater must have been removed by previous owner. There is nothing in the inlet manifold other than a couple of plugs. The tractor does smoke quite a bit and I have to use ether to start it in the cold temps. Oil pressure guage not working so not sure what the pressure is when engine is hot. I didn't get much time to go over the tractor before I had to start removing snow and the previous owner said to just use ether to start and she was ready to go. Can I continue to use the tractor or should it be pulled apart now?..Thanks..Lou
Jason I would get the oil pressure circuit functioning first, to see cold vs hot pressures.

Then I would do a dry/wet compression test before I pulled anything apart, you could also have the injectors tested.

Geoff Gane Lou as Jason has said you would be best to get engine oil pressure and compressions checked first...do the easy things first. Best to make sure you aren't doing further damage by running unnecesserily..an engine overhaul on an FE 35 is one of the easiest overhauls to do...I have done many...I think we were allowed 2+1/2 days to do an overhaul incloding clutch and brakes...a qualified enginer and his apprentice could do one in a day if your mind was set to it...if you need any further help let me know....Best regards...Geoff

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