Hydraulic return

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Hydraulic return

Brendan Fox Looking for some advice from some one! I have a MF 35 on a log splitter with a constant flow/return to the valve chest and the into the gearbox again via the filler cap. What or where is the proper way to route the return pipe, can i feed it back into the top cover through the opening under the seat, just under your left leg?
Leon In my situation a return line was plumbed into top of case,some time after that the cover on side was removed,drilled and tapped for a fitting,so to answer your question,any place is fine in my opinion.
Geoff Gane Brendan the method you are using is the most satisfactory...it's easy...simple and straight forward and above all else completely unobstructed...just what you need for a return pipe....Leon is correct in what he says as well but the easiest way is in through the gearbox filler plug...a job I have done many times....Best regards...Geoff
ieuan davies i have a MF 250 which i recently bought , i am familer with M F draft control, but this tactor's drat wont work at all, i have set the quadrants in the right placees and tryed everything but to no avail, could something inside the transmission be disconected ?
Geoff Gane Ieuan it's possible that your internal settings for whatever reason have gone adrift...sometimes the verticle lever inside gets bent or the draft control spring gets a heavy jerk and doesn't return to its seat properly...these are the first things I would look at if I were tackling a problem of this nature...If you need any more help or information please get in touch and I will help....Best regards....Geoff
ieuan davies i would asume that i would have to take the top off the box?

Geoff Gane Ieuan to do any internal adjustments it's necessery to remove the hydraulic lift top cover. Let me know if you need any more help or information...Regards...Geoff.
ieuan davies thank you very much , i will get my pet mechanic onto it.


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