CAV fuel pump rebuild?

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CAV fuel pump rebuild?

MF buff The CAV fuel pump on our Massey 265 tractor does not seem to generate enough pressure to the injectors. We might have had water in the fuel.
There are three numbers on the pump plate: DPA 3241F360, SET L863/900/6/2160, and SN# 4930UR.
Is it practical to attempt to rebuild the pump myself rather than ship it in for a rebuild? Where could I buy parts? Does it take any special tools? Where could I get a manual. Any help is appreciated.

Jason Do not attempt it; you will end up buying a reman pump or worse a new one.

How do you know? Did you measure the delivery valve pressures? Does your 265 miss or run rough, crack an inj line to see if the sound changes?

Geoff Gane As Jason says.....Don't even think about it....I have seen many people try to do what you are thinking about and in 99% of cases it ended in tears....take your injector pump to someone who handles this problem and they will check it out for you....Best regards,...Geoff
MF buff No, I didn't measure any pressures. We havn't been able to start the engine. We bled the pump, and we checked the fuel system. There is plenty of fuel at the intake of the pump and it flows good so the filter shouldn't be clogged. The lines were cracked slightly to check if fuel was behind the injectors, but all we saw was a little bit of fuel when we cranked it, some times none at all. The engine made no attempt at firing, no sign of exhaust. The last time we used it, we had no problems, tho it started harder the last while. A few years back we accidentally left it in the field for a few days with the fuel tank cap off and it rained in the tank. The pump had to be sent for a rebuild that time. No, I really do not have any solid proof that there is not enough pressure behind the injectors, but that seems most likely. Thanks for your advice.
crazy farmer It could be other things besides the pump. Is it getting ewnough suppy pressure ot the pump and completely blead out. I know we have worked out a few of these and it was hard to get all the air out of the system. It cold also be an injector problem that is causing the starting and running problems. If you have had the pump rebuilt and not the injectors the injectors may be opening too soon to allow the proper pressure which causes the attomization of the fuel particles. Good luck
MF buff Later: We did open up the top cover on the pump and found that the shut-off valve was stuck "over center" in the off position. Because of the design, it is possible for the valve to become stuck. We talked with a tech who admitted that it sometimes happens. After we installed it, however, it still didn't work. Turned out the timing was off. We lined the pin up with the slot in the rotor on the front of the pump and bolted it on again. The engine started right up! So I guess we saved some money this time!

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