2745 Massey Tractor

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2745 Massey Tractor

Jan Fahlman We put our 2745 on a hydraulic driven sprayer. We lost the hydraulics, then the power shift, brakes, and finally the steering. Where do we look for trouble? Please help. Everyone we talk to say it is too old and to retire it, but we like the tractor.
Geoff Gane Jan the first place I would look is the insides of the hydraulic filter...I suspect it may be full of bits and pieces of metal...possibly the brakes have packed in and all the metal has gone into the filter and blocked it up...as the steering gets priority over any other service it is usually the first to go...not always mind....I wonder of the tractor is able to drive itself? if not the problem might be in the clutch...the centre splines worn out in the flywheel....there are a few more possibilities but those are the ones i would try first...I haven't worked on 2745's but I have worked on 2620's right through to the 2685's and I am basing the information I have given you on that....NEVER let anyone tell you to retire your 2745 as all the 2000 series tractors were great tractors...a bit heavy and cumbersome maybe but still a great tool....If you need any more help please let me know and I will see what I can do for you...Good luck....Geoff
Jan Fahlman Thanks for your answer. The first thing we did was change the 2 hydraulic filters, but this did not change anything. I then talked to three dealers who told me a relief valve was sticking. We checked three on the right side of the tractor sitting in the seat. They were all clean and in good order. Is there more? The tractor also shifts fine, but since we have no brakes or steering driving it is a major problem. I know there is two external hydraulic pumps on it. Do you know which one drives what? Noone seems to be able to tell me. Also can you test these pumps and if so how much pressure should there be? This is a tough one hey?

Geoff Gane Jan the first thing I would do now is to check and see if the hydraulics (ie the pumps ) are turning over...take a hose off something and start the tractor and see what happens....If my memory serves me correctly there is an internal pump on the inside of the right hand side plate..(sitting on the seat)that is the low pressure pump...ie pto 4wd diff lock ...there is also a short cross tube with "o" rings on it...see what dappens now....be sure to ask for more help if you need it....best regards....Geoff
Charles Hudson Geoff,, have you had any experience with the "Model 82" 4 bottom Massey plow? I am trying to figure out why mine is wanting to basically wanting to float on top of the ground and not "dig in" more than a couple of inches.
Tom Hull I have a very similar hydraulic problem on my 2745 and didn't see any resolution on this problem. On my tractor the power shift was removed years ago. A second modification was to run the power steering directly off the pump on the right side.
When I began to lose hydraulic power I checked the filters and replaced them and discovered small roller needle bearings in the bottom of the filters. It still has some hydraulic power but not nearly enough. What should I check next and where.

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