Spindle Bushing Removal

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Spindle Bushing Removal

rfauber I need tips on how to remove the lower bushing in the front spindle of a MF65. Also, in reinstalling the new bushing, does it have to be pressed in?

Blue Buddy the slickest way if your handy with a welder is to wipe all grease out of the spindle, so it will not burn you, then run several beads of weld at low heat onto the inside of the bushing, let it cool on its own and the weld will shink and loosen the bushing allowing you to use a hammer and bar to drive it out, use low heat, you only want the weld on the inside of the bushing, not weld the bushing to the spindle, and a pretty welding job is not required, if not a welder, get a bar about 1/2" to 3/4" diameter, put a kink on the end about 30 degrees or so, then grind the end so it will grab the bushing, put on yer safety glasses and have at it with a hammer, work around and side to side to drive it out, you can drive the new one in with a hammer using a big socket against the end, but if you mushroom it , you will have some filing to do
Roy Thanks. Mind a couple of questions?
--Do you remove the entire axle so that you can work on the spindle easier?
--When you describe driving the bushing out with the 1/2" bar, I assume you are you driving it from the top of the spindle downward, right? What's the kink in the bar for? Is it just so that the end of the bar is easy to position against the bushing when driving from above?
Thanks again. My shadetree mechanic skills are only fair, so any help is appreciated.

Blue Buddy no need to remove the whole axle, easier if it is left on, it stays put when you hammer on stuff, just put a jack under the side your working on, lift the tire up, remove tire and rim,now get an axle stand or block(s) of wood, (pass on the cement blocks)and put them under the main axle beam for a little safety, cause you will be under looking up into it at some point, remove clamp bolt from top steering arm and drive a chisel or big screwdriver in the split of the clamp to open it a wee bit, then drive the arm off the top with a hammer , use a punch if needed to get the proper swing, then remove the half moon woodruff key from the spindle, it was hidden inside the steering arm on top, (was why you have to drive the arm upwards to get it off), use a chisel and get it out, if you nick it, just file the nicks smooth again, and drop the kingpin/spindle out the bottom, at the bottom of the axle housing, and sitting on the kingpin is a thrust bearing, don't lose it, if it is done put a new one in too, then yer gonna drive from the top down with the bar(has to be top down cause of the shoulder that holds the bushing from moving higher), the kink just lets me position the bar easier, have a look at the kingpin/spindle where it has run in the bushing, if it is worn, get a welding machine shop to build it back up, or get a new spindle assembly, I think A&I have some decent new part prices, get er done

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