Massey Ferguson 3080 Autotronic

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Massey Ferguson 3080 Autotronic

Alan Stuck in low range, no PTO , low oil pressure light on and stuck in 4WD. Changed oil pressure switch,changed motion sensor and restrictor wire,tried new autotronic box ( no better). Checked oil pressure - 20 bar, checked wires from battery and both sides of box, all seem ok,replaced earth straps and still no joy. Any help or advice most welcome.
Geoff Alan,..have you checked the wires from the battery by cutting the insulation back on the wiring?...feel along the wires for about 6" from the battery will feel a "bump" in the wires...cut into the loom and check the condition of the wires as they are famous for corroding there...a problem I have dealt with many times...check the other and of the wires as well where they go into the autotronic unit....check all the wires in the connectors on the autotronic unit/wiring harness as on autotonic 1 it is a common day to day fault,it seems as you have lost all your low pressure services and the most common causes are corroded wires or the low (17bar)oil pressure switch...hope you solve the problem mate....Regards......Geoff
Toolbox You should have a resistor plugged on to the oil pressure switch try changing it or put a 10watt bulb in series with the oil pressure switch to create a resistance for testing.
scott mabe i have the same problem have you had any luck please help
john lawrence Same problems as above. Any help would be appreciated.


CHRIS BLOOMFIELD Had the same problems ,stuck in low box and 4wd , no hydraulic services. Found the fault in the alternator not putting out enough power, [volts] hope this helps and fixs your problems
Phil Hi, I'd like to know can anyone help with this problem... My 1987 Massey Ferguson 3060 autotronic has stopped changing from low to high... On one occasion it worked, then stopped again and hasn't worked since! Any ideas why?? Thanks, Phil
brad naish 4wd u have to jolt the brakes brake sharp and press the button should come off
carsten manntz Same problem with 3050. Pressure tested good, replaced pressure luck so far. Will replace 56 ohm resistor tommorrow and check wiring for corrosion too. Any other comments appreciated.
Brad Naish we had the same problem on our 3080 it turned out to be the internl socket plug fuse that had blown
jim l HI, I have a 3090 similar problem. It will not go into the low (tortis) range and the speed shift has quit working but the light comes on. The PTO seems to work when it wants to. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Richard I am having problems with my massey 3070 autotronic.

Lights will not come on in dash,no pto no differential and in low gear box all the time.

Checked wires fuses etc.for corrosion and faults.

The lift is working, so I assume it is not a filter problem.

A friend of mine mentioned, a fuse under the seat,I haven't been able to check this out yet but will do.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind wishes;


jerry red light on for low oil pressure in gear box
Owen have you checked the wire connectors under the right hand step? you will need to take the steps off, corrosion of the plugs, and they brake off, solder them together,then tape and solastic over, the red one normally is the problem, also you will have a lot less pain changing from 2 batterys to 1 biggest one you can if in there, Owen

woody have you checked the braided earth cable from the autotronic box to the chassis (autotronic box is under the right hand door behind the steps) this may look ok but i found that changing it for a bit of jump lead cable stopped all our problems

Owen problem i have is that the draft control, has become over sensitive, over time, i have hard ever used it, i use a slasher most of the time, but with the switch is the down position, it shudders, or goes up and down, so i have to put it in the natural position all the time to stop it, i disconnected one of the lower link sensors but that didnít make much difference, do you have any ideas please, Owen, Newcastle Australia
Jer Deegan problem with hydraulic lift arms. can't get them to work. have power in connectors. when I press the swicth on computer for lift arms it goes on for a very short time then goes out. Any suggestions???
john reilly had the same problem,was stuck in low box and couldent get out of it,had to remove the memory and disconnect it completly,lifting arms wount go up or down can ant one help and there were working good until this evening
Kjell My 3060 do not change into B series suddenly, and i can se there is some oil leak under tha tractor. Can it be to little oil on the system ??
S.J.V. Tractor Parts I had the same problems with a MF3070. Red light comes on, and no PTO, Rabbit, PTO brake, and 4WD. The fault used to vary, from 5 minutes to about an hour.
I found the fault, which was in the green wire of the 7 pin black connector. It's terminal contacts got weak, and where not pressing to much on the male terminals of the Autotronic box. If you remove it from the connector, you will see a small space between them, of about 0.5mm.( It should be touching ) I changed the terminal, which I bought from e-bay, and has been working fine, ever since.
It seems, that the terminal lost it's springiness,because when I press them together, they come loose, every time that I fit them again.
I hope I was of some help.

jerry red light coming on for low oilpressure in gearbox at low engin revs 3070 mf
Karl We have a 3050. Were having similar problems to all mentioned above. Mainly the PTO dropping off line, low pres light flashing, 4wd dropping off. After checking earths, new alternator, new batteries, replacing oil and filters, pressure testing the hyd pump, the problem was the front and rear PTO sensor, and the Autotronic unit uder the step. Cost a lot of money, but all problems gone. It's not just a matter of putting a new computer in though. The autotronic in our tractor was the original from 1987. They do not make it any more. They are up to version 5 which comes with a wiring loom in the kit. The dealer fitted and programed it for us. It does however have a laptop port now for future problems.
My guess for all problems above is computer related.

gazza Hiya can anyone tell me were the internal socket plug fuse is in my massey 3070 autotronic,as my lift has stopped working after i fixed another problem,which was bad wire connections which made oil transmission light come on and stopped PTO working?? Thanks
david Hi - i have same intermittent problem where oil light cpmes on a stops PTO - how did you solve it?


Cam Hi I have a 1992 massey ferguson 3060 autotronic. Yesterday the rear 3 point linkage stopped working and the right side control pannel as well. The front end loader is working fine-so it is not a pump problem. There is a fuse box on the right hand side of the dash- have checked all fuses and they are fine. Are there any other locations for fuses? Is there a sensor or something similar I should be checking? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Cam from NewZealand
rafiq hi i have mf 3090 89modle when i put in gear some time every thing works ok but some time the tractor dosent move at all just makes a grindig noise like its not going in to gear please can any one help where i live the machanics are not familiar with this modle thank you kash

Hughie Hello, a friend has bought a 3060 Auto for occasional use and I'm not familiar. It has a loader which will lift 3/4 ton and the rear linkage works but .. revs need to be higher to lift loader and steering v heavy or stops, even unladen. Also, 4WD doesn't work though light on switch goes on and off correctly. (Rear diff lock OK.) Driveshaft and couplings all good. Driveshaft coming out of front of rear casing turns freely when collar removed - suspect that it shouldn't. Is this likely to be computer or mechanical? Hyd oil filter doesn't look as though it's been changed for ever. Could this restriction or back pressure affect everything?? Any ideas? Tractor not worth spending fortune on. Thanks!
morris buckner i have a problem with a 3070 Massey Ferguson the rabbit and turtle will not work the turtle light is on but the rabbit light will not come and the Pto will not come on
mick 3080 gear box . Tortoise not engaging gears just making grinding sound, any help appreciated

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