TO-20 Axle Seals

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TO-20 Axle Seals

Slideways I'm stumbling my way through trying to change the axle seals on my TO-20 i was given. I managed to yank the whole axle shaft assembly out and now i have the outer hub and the inner hub that spins on the shaft left. I cant figure out how to separate them. I read something in the shop manual about drilling and splitting a collar? It looks like it would be very difficult to cut and i wanted to make sure i didnt cut something i wasn't supposed to.
Thanks for the help

Geoff Gane Hi mate, can split the collars easily with a sharp chisel..forget drilling holes..believe me...there is no real need to cut right through the will see when they get slack enough to knock them upwards...the bearings need to be pulled off or pressed off,whichever you have the easiest access to.When it comes to reassembling the easiest way to refit the collars is to heat them up enough to let them slip right the way down to the original position the ones were in that you took off...hope this helps....all the best...Geoff.
slideways I need to remove the bearings to replace the seals? I dont have access to a press or anything. I thought if i popped the collar off i could just get to the seal to replace it.

You dont know of a good website for these do you? I searched but havent found too much in terms of tech online.


Geoff Gane yes the bearings need to be removed as the seal is situated behind the bearing...sorry but there is no other way mate...remove the collar..then remove the carrier that contains the bearing ..knock the bearing out and you will see the seal left in the bearing carrier..remove the seal taking care to observe the way the seal is fitted...clean everything up then fot the new seal by carefully knocking it in wirh a hammer and a soft piece of wood or metal punch..once it is firmly in place reinstal the bearing and pack it with some grease..not too much as it will leak out then fit a new collar as I described yesterday...sorry but cant help with a site that tells you how to do it...good can always email me again if necessary
Slideways Ok i saw something in a catalog today called a Sure-Seal. This looks like what i need to remove to get that inner hub off. Problem is i dont have those and i dont want to destroy them. It is a gold/brass looking tapered collar that fits on the axleshaft to the hub.

The Sure Seal looks nothing like the Axle Collars that i bought. And these axle collars are solid rings of steel that would be tough to cut through easily. I just want to make sure i dont wreck something in there and need to order more parts.

What's your actual email Geoff? You can email me too.

Geoff Gane sorry mate but you have no alternative to cutting off the axle email addy. is could try a website connected to fergies....think it was called friends of ferguson heritage or something like that
George Holmes Hi, This is probably too late...but I used Sure Seals on my TEA-20, which I believe has the same axle assembly as the TO, and had no problem installing them, and no need to split the collar you mention. No leaks either, but I'm not at home and can't look at my literature,

George H

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