New Tractor Running In - first 50 hours

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New Tractor Running In - first 50 hours

Geoff Cooper Dear Sir,

I read that for the first 50 hours, it is necessary to work a tractor engine to maximum work load- trailer work at low gear/ high r.p.m; can other work such a ploughing also be done- this would also be hard work?

Even though, your instructions are in black and white, there is no explaination as to why this should be the case, and the normal tendency is ofr people (even engineers) to treat the tractor in the same way as a new car- to give it gentle, easy work. Can you assist us to clear the confusion by giving us further xplaination why we must treat a new tractor differently (opposite)?

i)Can we carry out the same with an overhauled tractor engine?

ii)Can we also do the same with all makes of diesel engine tractors, or is it only with Perkins engines?

iii)Can we do the same with a light vehicle type diesel engine jeep?

Your assistance would be highly appreciated as soon as possible.

Many Thanks.

Geoff Gane Have no hesitation at all about working your tractor engine to the the MF dealership I worked in all new tractors were run at full load on the dynamometer for 2-4 hrs before leaving the workshop.....all Fergies love it and if they could talk back to you they would thank you for coin an old Victorian saying..."spare the rod and spoil the child"...good luck
Geoff Cooper Thanks Geoff Gane for your comment; is this also the same with all makes of new tractors- Fords, John Deers,etc., that you should "run them in as hard as possible? I have heard this about M.F's and read the advice in the manual, but have trouble convincing my colleagues forI do not know the specific details why this beneifits the engine life. Can you assist?
Many thanks.

Geoff Gane Hi Geoff,..I was always told from a very early age that a modern diesel engine does not like to be "petted". Cylinder liners become glazed and therefore the rings do not seat to the liner walls and excessive oil consumption can occur,as can power loss,....imagine what happens if you rub 2 pieces of glass together...I also know that the local Ford and JD dealers run new tractors on the dynamometer as part of a pre delivery inspection

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