MF 135 Hydraulic system, steering gear, and spark plugs

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MF 135 Hydraulic system, steering gear, and spark plugs

Steve Farmer While it will be obvious when you read my question, let me start by saying that I am not very mechanically inclined...but I'm learning.

I have an early 70's MF135, and would like to change the hydraulic fluid. So, where are the drain plugs? For that matter, how do I fill it up again? I've had this tractor for 2 months, and can't find them...maybe because it's been repainted?

At least I DO know how to remove and clean the hydraulic fluid filter.

On a totally unrelated do I check/fill the steering gear oil?

Finally, I can't even figure out how to get to and replace the spark plugs. Unbelievable as it seems, do I have to take off the fuel tank? This tractor has the Perkins 3 cylinder engine, and it sure looks to me like the plugs are at the top, smack dab under the fuel tank.

Yes, I'm an idiot.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

wombat The hydraulic fluid is the tranny fluid. Something like 30 ltrs of it so sharing it keeps it cool. Drain tranny from plugs under the axel trumpets and gearbox. Filler is the plug under the dash near the gear stick. Steering box has a small plug near the upright shaft. Removing the fuel tank can be a pain - at least it is on the diesel I do not know about petrol models exactly but the rear of the tank is held by 2 bolts whilst the front is 2 spring loaded bolts. Use a screw driver and socket to hold these down when you reassemble.
Big Dean The MF135 the transmission, hydraulic & differential are all one big reservoir they all three check with the dipstick in the access plate on the right side of the rear center housing just behind the you right foot when you are setting on the seat. They all three fill through the big plug just to the left of the shift levers. They hold 8 US gallons of Massey Ferguson Permatran 3 or one of the Universal Trans/Hyd oils sold at many places will work just fine. I have a picture that shows the location of the dipstick drain plugs and filler plug.
If you have power steering it has a pump on the back of the timing gear case on the right side of the engine you fill it with the engine running to the bottom of the plug hole it uses the same Trans/Hyd oil that is used in the transmission.
The spark plugs can be changed without pulling the fuel tank it is a little tight but it can be done. If I can be of further help email me at daustin62@aol.clm

david petty how do you remove hyd pump on mf 135? thanx
mike rhodie

If you do not have a power steering pump what fluid goes to the steering box and do you fill it through the allen nut on the top of the steering box under the battery? Or is it an adjustment? out of curiosity does any one know what the size is for the allen



michael mallon a diesel engine does not have spark plugs the items on top of the engine are the injectors they should not need changed and can only be adjusted if you have the proper kit


mike huber I have a MF135 I would like to know how to remove the power steer pump. And I like to know what year this tractor is the serial# 9AI 7934
Ed I have a 1963-65 mf135 diesel. I was wondering if there is a filter for the hydraulic system and where it is located. Also, if I need to replace the hydraulic pump, where is it and how do I remove it. Thanks for your help.
phillip i have a MF 135 gas and having trouble finding the hyd filter to change/replace it .....because its not wanting to lift up very fast it goes way to slow so im thinking thanks what it is well let me know and thank you
nick I have a mf 135 diesel tractor mid 60's model the 3point hydralics are jerking and bouncing when the arms are half way up, can anyone help me? Does this tractor have a hydralic filter? If so where is it located? Thanks guys!
dean jones my 1967 mf135 wont shift outta gear the clutch does disengage trannyh but i cant shift outta gear...any ideas?
liam garry i have a 73 mf 135 and when u open the throttle up full she kind of goes onto 3 cylinders and puffs out grey/white smoke but only when full open i got diesel filters for it today so will see wat happens do u think it might be anything else

S stewart when I unscrew the filler cap for the hydralic/transmission on the Mf 135 and look down inside with flashlight it looks empty but when i check the dipstick on right side below driver seat it shows full. Is this right? Its been over 30 yrs since I've done this I cant remember.

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