MF 275 remote control won´t release pressure

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MF 275 remote control won´t release pressure

Alejandro Gorostidi I am a farmer from Uruguay, South America and I am having some problems with my tractor.

I apologize for my lack of technical knowledge and especially of technical vocabulary in English, but I will try to explain the problem I am facing the best as I can.

I have a MF 275 of Brazilian origin, with a 4 cilinders Perkins 236 diesel engine and I believe it was built around 1980. Since I bought it second hand, it did not have the hydraulic remote control joystick that I understand they originally had. Therefore, I started to look for an original MF hydro joystick. Although I could not find the exact joystick for this model, I found a MF double joystick that originally came with the British made MF 175 and 165 until 1975 (at least to Uruguay). The remote control only had one of the joysticks with it corresponding pair of hoses.

Since I am in a hurry to use some tools for preparing my farm (I have to plant in the next two weeks!!!), I asked my mechanic - than has been working with MF tractors and hydraulic systems for the last 25 or 27 years – if this joystick could work 0k with my tractor and he said that there would be no problem. I bought the joystick and took the tractor to my mechanic, that installed it. He said it was working fine and I happily drove the tractor back to my farm, but I couldn´t make it work.

Although the pressure was fine for lifting an hydraulic grain tipping or dump trailer, it did not work for making it go down again after dumping the load. The same happended when I tried to use a disk, it lifted all the disks and I could transport it but it wouldn´t go down again to disk the soil. It seemed to me that the release valve or something like that was not working properly.

My mechanic instructed me on how to regulate some regulation bolts next to the joystick, but it still did not work. He went to the farm to see what was the problem and he told me to change the hose connectors because it could be that the springs in the conectors were not working properly. I bought new pairs of hose connectors, but it still did not work. He went to the farm again to see if he could solve the problem but he could not. He then believed it was the tractor hydraulic pump that did not have enough pressure, so I took the tractor to his garage. He opened the hydraulic pump of the tractor and changed some rings that were damaged, so the liquid was escaping and the hydraulic system was not working with all its strenght. He also changed the relief valve inside the hydraulic pump of the tractor, that was also not working properly.

He mounted everything again, but the joystick still had the same problem for releasing the pressure back. He tried with different springs in the relief valve of the remote control box and it still did not work out. He has been trying to solve the problem for the last two weeks with no success and today he finally told me he was giving up because he honestly had no clue of what else he could do to solve the problem.

Just in case it helps to solve this, I also remember my mechanic told me that the remote control joystick box had a relief valve inside because the tractor for which it was designed did not have a relief valve in ther hydraulic pumps, but that my tractor was newer and had a relief valve inside its hydraulic pump.

Another thing I observed is that when actioning the joystick, both hoses go tense. I understand that when you action it in one way, one hose should get tense or hard and the other should keep loose and the other way round when you action the joystick in the other position, i.e. for releasing the pressure.

I would really appreciate any clue you could give me in order to try to make this remote control work in my truck.

Thanks and best regards,
Alejandro Gorostidi

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