Engaging MF-575 PTO under load

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Engaging MF-575 PTO under load

Karl R I have a battered MF575 and have just bought my first PTO-driven device (a topper).

The PTO engages with nothing attached using a lever on the left hand side (Lift and back to engage; lift and forward to disengage). However, under load (when topper attached), it is impossible to engage: the gears just grind.

I've been engaging while starting engine but this obviously puts a strain on the starting system and flattens the battery quickly!

I've also tried using the clutch but this doesn't seem to make any difference.

So...my questions:

How should it work? (Do I use clutch, etc?)

What do you think might be wrong? The tractor has been very abused by previous owners and I've done a lot of repairs, so siezed & rusted components are quite normal!

Many thanks!

Karl R

David P, South Wales Hi Karl,
From your message you have a 575 with independant PTO (IPTO) Sounds like the driving force of the PTO is enough to operate your topper. If the PTO stops with the topper attached it is probably a failure of the PTO brake. This can be replaced with the lift cover removed. UK models have a cab which requires removal of the seat flooring and bracing. If you have positive drive in the 'disengaged' position it would appear that the clutch pack has fused in some way and the 'wave' springs between the plates are not seperating them to stop the drive. If this is the case the lift cover will need to be removed and the tractor split between the gearbox and centre housing....potentially very expensive. You will probably only have a single stage clutch which would prevent manual fitting of the drive shaft when needed.
Hope this helps
David P, South Wales

Karl R Hi David,

That's certainly helpful and will give me a few pointers for when I start looking at it this weekend.

I was told that it had an IPTO when I bought it, so you are probably right! However, I'm still a little confused! :(

When disengaged using the lever on the left of the cab, the PTO shaft turns very easily by hand, with or without the engine running.

When engaged (with or without the topper attached) it STAYS engaged even under very heavy PTO load.

It's getting it engaged - with the engine running, the lever just grinds as if the cogs are bouncing off each other! I'm guessing from your description that the PTO clutch (wherever that is) is seized on...?

Hmmm....I'll try tracing the mechanism (and I'll have a look under the seat) but if it looks like a tractor split then I'll perhaps just keep engaging the PTO before starting the tractor! :)

Thanks again,

Karl R

Big Dean Hi Karl
I have not answer your post on SSB web site be cause I was not familiar with the MF 575 it was not sold in the USA but from your description of what it is doing it sure sounds like it has the manual pto with a two stage clutch if so it should stop the movement of the tractor when the clutch pedal is pushed about half way down. The three point pump and pto shaft will continue to turn if it is adjusted right it will stop the Three point pump & pto shaft from turning when you push the clutch pedal all the way down. If it is like the US model it has an internal pto clutch adjustment you make up through the inspection hole on the bottom of the bellhousing of the transmission. That is what your sounds like it needs. I have found that most UK and US models have about the same running gear. I have a picture with details on how the pto clutch adjustment is made If you would send me an Email address I will email it to you. My email is daustin62@aol.com. Big Dean

Karl R Thanks Big Dean,

The PTO shaft does continue to turn regardless of the clutch position.

In any case, email address on the way immediately! :)

Karl R

Karl R Thanks Big Dean for the photo's and explanation! While the clutch pedal mechanism was different (adjustment via a "swivel" adjuster), the clutch adjustment was spot on.

The three adjuster nuts on the pto clutch must have been set to 1/8" - they didn't even TOUCH the pto plate when the clutch pedal was fully down. I set them to 0.055" and I could use the PTO properly. After a dozen operations it did grind a couple of times, so I've either not locked them down enough (unlikely) or they have just settled. I might need to take another 0.010" off during the week.

The locknuts were difficult to release due to the tightness and angle. In the end, I bent a wrench to reach them cleanly, because they seemed very soft metal!

But all-in-all a complete success. Thanks very much!


Karl R

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