MF 135 # Cylinder Diesel, Water in Fuel System

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MF 135 # Cylinder Diesel, Water in Fuel System

Mike Caldwell Tractor stop while working, Glass bowl from tank
full of water, bowl had rust "paste" in it, Fuel filter with lower glas bowl had same [water and rust "paste"]. Bleed one injection after clean both previuos items[ filter shaken "dry" and refitted - no spare. Tractor work for about 100 yards then stopped again, tried rebleeding without positive result. Fuel in tank. No more water in glass bowl.Do I persreve with bleeding the injector line or is there other problems now, ie fuel pump contamination with rust "paste"

Mike Try again, Tractor stopped while working, glass bowl in fuel line from fuel tank full of water and "rust paste". Fuel filter on left side of tractor also full of water and some "rust paste". Bleed one injector after cleaning glass bowl and emptying filter. Had no spare filter so drained as much water and rust paste as I could - refitted filter. Won't start so bleed one injector line. Tractor started and ran long enough to work another 100 yards possibly 3 to 4 minutes then stopped again. Tried rebleeding injector line again without results. Fuel in tank, fuel in glas bowl, some fuel in filter. fuel came from "cracked" injector line. Do I perserve or is there another, or, other problems, ie fuel pump contamination. This site comments suggest that may be the bleeding sequence may not be quiet correct.Any suggestion and help would be appreciated
Alan Lewis There should be a small filter fitted inboard of the fuel tank and attached to the fuel tap try this this catches a lot of people out, after unsrewing tap pull straight down as the little filter can become easily detached and then you will have to go fishing, or just fit a new tap filter and leave the old one in the tank.
If you remove the top blead screw from the injection pump after all the fuel system is clean and opperate the lift pump untill all the air is exspeld the fuel should shoot out and not drible this will give you a good indication that you fuel line is clear, the rotary injection pumps are a bit intolerant of water but you might be lucky.

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