Massey Ferguson 35 special

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Massey Ferguson 35 special

SeanB A few days ago a tractor that was given to me. The tractor reportly had a blown head gasket. When I got the tractor home I decided to try to crank the it to make sure and to see if any thing esle might be wrong with it since it had set up for sometime. After being sure that the engine was free I installed a battery (out of my truck), turned the engine over a few times and to surprise it even tried to fire. The only problem was that my battery did have enough amps to spin the motor fast enough to crank. So my brother-n-law and I hooked to truck to pull crank it. The tractor fired up right away and ran smooth. We then checked all the guages and everything was fine. So I guess that I really got lucky hear on this one.

My questions today is does anyone know where I can find a tactometer and the rubber that fits the on the intake side of the air filter. Also, since this is my first diesel, could some please explain the air filter? It is a canister with a metal fiber and maybe some kind oil. Can this be cleaned or replaced?

Mac Cannot tell you where to get the bits you need,the air cleaner you describe is an oil bath type,take off the bottom bowl and clean it,have a look and you should see an oil level mark,fill it up to the mark with engine oil and put it back on.

smokey Filter cleaned with kero and should be filled to the line with new engine oil. Tacho bits and pieces are available through Bareco agents in the states. Check engine oil and radiator water to make sure there is no leak in the head gasket. I bought a lincoln 400AS welder with a Perkins motor for scrap value and have gone through the same routine. Its a little smokey but what else can you expect for $150 US.
Seanb Thanks for tips on cleaning the filter and recharging the filter. It was the first time I've seen one like this and I thought it should be pretty simple. As for checking the oil and water, we already did and they are not mixed. As for smoking, the tractor gives the usual black smoke when cranking and clears up in just a few seconds. The tractor does need some body repair and there are few mechanical things, like leaky return lines and a set filters. I still can not believe how lucky I was to have the tractor given to me.
monty I have a massey Ferguson 35 deluxe this is a gas engine tractor is the Air Cleaner the sme on this?
I see this silver can that looks like it opens on the bottom. Is this an oil bath air filter also?

monty Sorry about misspelled words. Is the gas engine
air cleaner an oil bath filter?

Richard Forster The air filter on the MF 35 has an oil bath at the bottom. When replacing the oil do you fill both the inner and perimeter baths with oil or just the perimeter bath. Also, how do you adjust the pto clutch, kind regards, Richard Forster
Lex Can anyone give me information as to the value of my tractor. It has 123249M2 on the axle - don't know if that helps. No other wording on the tractor except:

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