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Massey 135 charging issues

Troy I recently purchased a 75 Massey 135' with the powerful 3 cylinder Perkins gas engine. Over a few days bushed hogged 8 acres with it no problems. But the alternator stopped charging the battery. I kept swapping and recharging batteries to keep her running. Is there a common problem with regarding to charging failure of these tractors you all can point me to. Dash Gage's gas, Tack, and others just stopped working. However oil pressure still works? Where do I start to trouble shoot? Owners manual points toward a washer fuse on the rear of alternater, or oil sending unit? Can anyone shed some light?

shorty cox It is so easy. I did it to my '73 MF135 diesel. If yours is gas it may be different. This also works on a auto as well.

1.Take the regulator off and throw it as far as you can.
2. It should have had 4 wires connected to it.
3. Using a test light, locate the wire that is hot (12 volts)when the ignition switch is in the "run" position.(On my tractor, this wire runs through a "oil pressure" switch and is only hot (12 volts) when the engine is running)
4. now, locate the wire that runs from the regulator position to the gen/alt position.
5. splice the wire located in number 3 above to the one located in number 4.
6. now you have a wire at the gen/alt location that is hot (12volts)with the key in the "run" position, or when the "oil pressure" switch is open.
7. forget the other two wires at the regulator position.
8. Now remove the gen/alt and throw it as far as you can(probably can't throw it as far as you did the regulator!!)
9. Should be three wires going to the it. two small wires and one large wire. The large wire is connected to the battery and is hot (12 volts) all the time. (On some vehicles, it may connect to the battery via the starter.)
10. Go to the parts house and purchase an alternator with an internal regulator and a new "pig tail" (the little thing that plugs onto the two terminals on the side and near the back of the alternator) they are numbered 1 & 2. the pig tail will have a small white wire and a large red wire. The new alternator will also have a large terminal(electrical connection) on the back. It will look like a screw sticking out with a nut on it.
11. Do what it takes to bolt the new alternator into the place of the gen/alt you removed and threw in step 8.
12. Once installed, plug the pig tail onto the terminals mentioned in step 10. attach the large wire from the battery (mentioned in step 9) and the red wire on the pig tail (mentioned in step 10) to the large terminal on the back of the alternator, tighten the nut.
13. Now attach the white wire on the pigtail to the wire identified in steps 4, 5, & 6.
14. Secure all left over wires.
15. Crank her up and you are good to go.

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