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mf 33 loader 1975yr.

tim korsmoe Looking for advise on my MF 33 LOADER, I recently got it stuck and was at about a 30 degree angle when It shut it down, I have not been able to start it since, Starter is engaging, although I removed to take in to check, I was able to move the front crank shaft a little with a socket/pry bar. I do not know if engine is seized or stuck in gear, I have been able to move back and forth with my backhoe, any suggestions on how to tell if engine is seized, I do not want to purchase a starter until I know, Thanks for any help Tim
ponymare Was the engine running, then slowly stalled, but to tell if the engine is locked up, first make sure the tractor is out of gear. Then if you can't turn the engine, its a good indication you may have spun a rod bearing.
Tim Korsmoe ponymare, thanks for responding!! what happened and has happened before, when I push the arm to lower bucket and don't pull it back it continues to lower the bucket( actually lifting the front end off the ground) it will stall out the engine but in the past I could re start, since my initial post I did put a new starter in the loader with a fresh battery, it rotated the engine I would say about a half crank and then as if the load is to great it will click slowly advancing the crank in all the mean time it is taking a huge drain on the battery where it actually fried the positive cable (melted ) right off thee terminal, previous to putting in the new starter I stopped at Butler mech. and they said it maybe the hydraulic pump causing the problem, the guy there told me to move it, after finding it I loosened it by backing out the two 13/16" bolts about a half inch and separating it some what but did not completely take out, just for fear I maybe getting into more than I can handle, by the way previous to this I was having trouble with the ignition switch and would just turn it on, get out of the tractor and use a screw driver on the starter to start it, the wiring on this tractor has been butchered before I got it. I know this is a lot of info. but still looking for any suggestions.. thanks again for your help. Tim

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