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massey ferguson 35 diesel

Calvin Riley I'm having a problem with my Dad's old Massey Ferguson 35 diesel tractor. It had not been cranked for about a year and Dad had left it under a shed with the battery hooked up to a solar panel up on the roof with a charge controller and the charge light on green meaning 'charged.' I went to crank it recently and I realized that dirt daubers had filled in the keyhole with mud. I took a toothbrush and dental pick and picked and cleaned the mud out best I could then inserted the key. Before cranking, I checked the oil level and coolant level and they were ok. When I turned the key thinking it would take a few seconds to crank, it fired up instantly kind of startling me. Dad had an old hay cutter attachment hooked up to it and I proceeded to ready its use on some ditch banks where dog fennels were out of control. I started cutting and the cutter was doing good. I hadn't run a Massey Ferguson since my teens so I had a little issue with the controls and the way it steered and navigating around objects that I didn't want the cutter to cut (trees.) After running for about 2-5 minutes, I started to notice an 'oily smell.' Before I started, I did put 'bar and chain' oil on the blade of the cutter hoping that would help its operation and I guess I first thought that the smell was coming from that. A few seconds later I noticed that there was a grey or grey white smoke coming from down the right side of the engine between the starter and some hydraulic device (since I saw hydraulic lines coming from it) on the side of the engine. I said to myself, "Is that the starter locked up and overheating or something else?" I stopped and with some effort finally got the PTO gear shifter in the right position to be 'off.' and headed back to the shed and I also 'toggled' the starter switch and noticed that it was rotated more clockwise than its pre start 12 o'clock position, making me think of the possibility that the switch had not full recoiled after starting and possibly let the starter stay that possible? Anyway, when I turned the switch back more towards the 12 o'clock position and disengaged the PTO the smoking seemed to abate. I cut it off and cranked it back up a few times so if it was the starter it didn't seem to affect its function. What could have caused the smoke? Thanks for taking a look at this problem.
ponymare Its possible the switch could've stayed in the crank mode, if it was full of dirt to start with. But after you killed the engine, then started it back up, was there less noise than before?
Calvin Riley I never noticed any difference in audible sound for instance like a starter engaging cog grinding...that's why I was in such a query
IHTimmy Just take the starter off and take it to a rebuild shop and have it checked out instead of screwing around with somebody else's advice and trying to tell you what he can do and just take it off they'll tell you if it's any good or not that's where I would start first and if it checks out all right for you to check your wiring and all that but I would just start with the starter it can have something bad in it It's worth the extra money to have it all checked out. Instead of thow parts at it

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