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MF398 clutch trouble

Tony Bought a 398 with the clutch pretty well gone. Split and replaced flywheel,complete clutch pack and thrust bearing. Back together now and when i put in gear tractor jumps as if not fully clutched and also when on a hill and in gear with foot on clutch tractor will not roll back, im guessing its sorta riding on the clutch. I Have adjusted the clutch fully and checked the cable and still having this trouble.. any ideas?
hutch Hi Tony
sounds like the clutch driven plate is in the wrong way round.

MPM It is not possible to but the disc in backwards.

But it is possible to warp the disc if the tractor was pulled back together with bolts and did not slide back together easily.

Geoff Tony, what is the clutch setup on your 398? Some were linkage (adjustable threaded rod) and some were cable operated. The cable operated were a little more particular in their adjustment and it was more pedal height that was the correct adjustment. If you bought the tractor from a dealer the book should be in the tractor and you can read through the relevant section until you find the correct info (by the way it's illegal for a dealer to sell a second hand machine without an operators and safety etc)....if you bought the tractor privately tou might be able to borrow on from someone...Geoff
Bill The reason your tractor doesn't roll back on a hill in gear with clutch pedal down. tractor is in high multi-power(engine braking mode). when on a hill switch from high to low and the tractor will roll, this means the multi power is working.
Re: MF398 clutch trouble

Hi Fellas, thanks for the replys. I managed to just get adjusted so it was going into gear. Now that its outa the shed and being used im having the same trouble again. Struggling to get it in gear and will jerk forward when selecting gear. It has the clutch cable not the rod type and i have it all the way adjusted on the slot. Surly this can't be needed considering its a whole new clutch and flywheel? Went together ok after the split without drawing in with bolts.Im all outa ideas and quite fustrated at this point.

Bill Popham You mentioned yours has a cable clutch, just wanted to comment that I have a 390t with linkage style with the same issue.

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