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massey fergusion 231 diesel Dont turn over

LM Goss The tractor was started with several keys that didnt fit.(Lost Key)After the tractor was parked it will not turn over.The solenoid was replaced.How can i check the ignition switch? Also what other things can i check? thanks for the help
AJ Look at the solnoid,you will see the main battery cable going on to the solenoid main terminal,beside that there is a smaller terminal,that is the one that excites the solenoid,make sure the tractor is out of gear,switch on,use a jumper wire to that small terminal from the main terminal,the starter should crank the engine over,if that checks out the trouble is between there and the key switch,the tractor should have a neutral start switch,that could be faulty or the key switch itself,first use the jumper wire and if the starter works check out the circuit from the switch down,look at the color of the light wire at the starter,usually white or white with a red stripe and trace it to the switch.

Les Goss Well found a safety switch stuck and the ignition will work.Problem now is starter will run ,but solenoid seems not engaging starter to fly wheel.Does the plunger hook to the arm inside of the housing? Or would the new solenoid be for a gasoline tractor .Dont diesel have a positive ground?IM thinking the solenoid plunger is retracting rather than pushing. Thanks for your help
AJ The starter motor is not polarity sensitive,ie it does not matter which way it is connected,but most old tractors were positive ground,if the tractor has an alternator it will be negative ground,the plunger does hook to a lever that pulls the bendix gear into mesh with the flywheel,if its not slotted into the fork properly it can not engage the gear,you would have has a bit of a job to unhook the plunger as the fork it fits on has to be all the way back for the plunger to come off it,if you are getting a whirring sound the most likely cause is the bendix clutch is slipping,it can be replaced but the motor needs to be removed and dismantled,a job for the electrical shop.

Les goss Hello AJ and thanks for your help.Got the new solenoid on and works well.The starter wasnt removed at all.So to get the arm to move my Dad got a hard wire about 1/8 inch in diameter bent a small hook on 1 end and a loop on the other so a screw driver could be used as pry tool, to move the arm .Thanks again for your help and we wish you and your family a merry christmas and happy new year

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