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135 Leaking injector pump

135 Leaking injector pump

I recently purchase this 1966 135. The injector pump leaks (drips) from the box on top. My question is will this hurt it in anyway to run it like this.

Thank you in advance for you time and wisdom.

AJ The usual place those pumps leak from is where the throttle spindle goes through the governor housing (top cover),but have a good look to make sure it is not a loose pipe or the like,there are two o'rings on each spindle,the throttle and stop control,it is usually the throttle ones that leak as that is used the most causing the o'rings to wear,the cover has to come off to replace them as the spindles fit from the underside out,you can do it yourself if you are mechanically apt,take off both controls,clean all dirt away from the cover area,take note of the lever position attached to the throttle spindle,remove the lever,remove the cover retaining nuts,raise the cover up about an inch and a half and gently push the spindle down through the cover,it is connected underneath to a spring that must not be damaged,remove the cover,note where the spring is attached to the bottom lever and the governor plate,do not damage that spring in any way and make sure it is put back in the same holes as it was removed from,take out the stop control spindle from the cover and put new o'rings on,new o'rings on the spindle,I usually very lightly super glue the gasket to the top cover as it will not stay in place its so narrow,put a smere of grease on the bottom side so it will not stick to the pump,put the cover back on making sure the stop control peg fits in the U slot and the governor spring is in the right place,to answer your question it will do no harm to use the tractor apart from the mess and fuel loss.

thepumpguysc EXCELLENT instructions AJ.
1 thing to add tho. After you get the throttle shaft out, run a small "scribe" or screwdriver LIGHTLY on the side of the bore[hole] IF you feel any ridges, your just "buying time" with new orings..
I ream the housing and epoxy in a metal bushing on my rebuilds, if needed. A new top cover hsg. costs in the neighborhood of $100.00 and your still stuck with an aluminium hsg. and a steel shaft.

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