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MF Indust. 203 trans fluid capacity & type

Bob I just got this tractor and the transmission dipstick is missing. Stuck a coathanger down the tube and it came up light brown in color and mudlike consistency. Decided to change fluid and out comes about 2 qts. water and now the rest of the mud. Is there anyway to clean out whats left? What weight should be used (cold climate) and how much?
GEEBEE Bob, you can flush it out with diesel, put in about 3 gals, gently drive the tractor back and forth a few times and drain, place quadrant controls in lowest position to drain ram cylinder, remove the side covers and hose down the interior with diesel (a garden sprayer works well for this) and clean out as much sludge as you can. For a cold climate i would use a good trans/hyd/diff oil meeting MF specs M1129A, capacity is probably around 7-8gals on those, clean or replace the hyd filter before filling, add the last couple of gals slowly allowing time for the oil to level out throughout the system.
This site probably sell the dipsticks, safe working level is to bottom bolt hole on side covers. HTH.

Bob Thanks for your info. I removed the left cover to mop out the remaining mud only to find a twisted snap ring sitting at the bottom. Yikes! Now it seems I should split the tractor to get in there and find out where the ring is from. I am now wondering if I can just remove the big top cover under the seat but it seems too far back to provide any access. Then there is the cover that all three shifters and steering valve/column are mounted on. Pulling those two covers would sure be eaiser then splitting this old digger. Do you think this has a wet clutch (what ever that means)? I'll be getting some manuals asap to answer all these question.
GEEBEE I hate finding things like that !, ya never know if somebody left it in there from an earlier repair or ??? If you want to drop me an email i can send you a pic of what you see with the lift cover removed, dont try and remove it without first disconnecting the linkage from the control arms, this done through the RH side cover, you really need a parts manual to see the location of all the snap rings. It sounds like you have the manual shuttle shift trans and if so you will have a regular single or dual clutch. I would get the manuals before poceeding much farther, the service manual will walk you through the correct removal of the lift cover and the parts manual will give you the exploded views.
Bob Thanks GB, For what ever reason, I can't use this sites email program so I'll put mine here.

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