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TO35 lift cylinder

joe f 3 point lift cylinder(180967M1)and piston (181983M1) is shot. it has the early style 2 1/2" piston and come to find out they are not available anymore. i was thinking about sleeving the cylinder and buying a new piston, rings. was wondering if this sounds like a logical thing to do or will it fail. else i will have to machine a whole new cylider out of some solid cast i have.

GEEBEE I think if given the choice I would just upgrade to the later 3" cylinder
Wayne Johnson I would like to know why my m-f TO 35 3pt hitch will not drop do down no matter how much weight I put on it.
hutch Hi
The 35 has response control which controls the RATE OF DROP on the three point linkage ,if it has not been set correctly it can stop the linkage from dropping .
To check set the draft lever in the down position ,all the way down you will see slow marked on the quadrant then using the position control lever raise and lower the lift linkage if it raises and doesnt lower gently move the draft lever to the up position about one inch should be enough .
Failing this remove the side cover from the transmission housing the one with the dipstick in it,once removed you will see the control lever it has a small roller on it there are two flat rods coming from the lift cover if you move the levers you will see the control valve moving the two rods should remain in contact with the roller at all times if not the control valve is sticking.
See Ya

hutch Hi Joe f.
I know it has been a few months but if you have not repaired the tractor I have in the past Honed the lift cylinder and machined the piston grove,Machine the grove nearest the head of the piston, The dimensions are .288" wide and .1875" deep buy an O ring two and a half inches o/d. and three sixteenths of an inch in section This will fix your leak and it is not to expensive.
You can now buy a piston with the o ring fitted maybe not for the 2.1/2" piston.
Happy days

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