TO30 Overheating (long story...)

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TO30 Overheating (long story...)

roger bernhardt All right, I'm ready to get yelled at, and I probably deserve it...

I have a '53 and it rebuilt about 2 years ago, woking great all this time. I just started having another radiator leak, though, last week. I was brush hawgin the back 40 and it started dripping pretty bad at the bottom right....

I just had the durn thing out last year. I decided I would be lazy and poured in a bottle of liquid copper radiator sealer. Now it's overheating.

It was running fine for the last years but it would always run pretty cool, about 140-160 deg f.
When I poured in the gunk, it now runs cool to start but as I mow it creeps up until it hits 210. I ran it vented and stopped at 180 after one time it really crept up to about 220 on me.

I had to get some cutting done, so I ran it up to 180-200 and then gave it the hose with it idling until it dropped back into the 140 range. Cut some more, cool some more.

1. I don't remember if there's a thermostat installed or ever messing with it. Is it on the block at the top hose connection?

2. Did I screw something up REAL bad by using this gunk?

3. Could my water pump just have shot craps? How hard are they to replace.

By the way, fresh points, distributor and oil/filter. Oil pressure stays normal and looks nice and clear still after about 6 hours of on and off mowing

OK, give it to me.... I'm ready for the worst....

AJ By what you are saying it was not overheating till you put in the rad repair,it is possible that you used too much and it has blocked some of the rad tubes inside,take off the bottom hose and jam in a hose pipe with a rag and back flush the rad core,cap off to let the water out,make sure that the core is not blocked on the outside and that the fan and belt are working,its unlikely that the pump has failed if its not leaking.
Good Luck AJ

Billy McCarver Don't feel alone. I've used alumaseal and generally had to remove radiaters and heater cores to get them rodded out or recored. There should be a thermostat. I think it is in the upper radiator tube but not sure. Might want to look around and get either a reprint of the ferguson shop manual or an I&T shop manual. Water pump should be ok as there isn't much to one and as long as it doesn't leak water. At this point bad thermostat and plugged radiator are your best bets. Bad problem with the sealer is that it is hard to get it out of the block. It will get stirred up by coolant water and return to haunt. When I overhauled my grandfather's tractor, I had used radiator flush to clean out the radiator and block. When I pulled the sleeves, I found that the rear cylinder to be packed in mud and the next one nearly so. The flush was wasted time. Best of luck on this. Billy

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