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MF 150 Multi power

Lex This is what has been replaced: inner and outer seals in multipower manifold, small and large rings inside and outside manifold, clutch plate, pilot bearings and throw out bearings.
This is what was replaced by whom I bought it from, problem is it is leaking like a sive! He told me the manifold may be the problem and it was about 300.00????? The local Massey dealer told me I was looking at about 3200.00??? The dealer also told me I could bypass the multipower.
What to do??????? I cant run it like it is, and I dont want to go broke either. What are my best options?

GEEBEE Lex, i am assuming it is leaking from the weep hole under bellhousing, was the transmission and PTO input shaft seals replaced when they had it apart ?, could also be the hose to the multipower valve leaking
Lex GEEBEE, Yes it is leaking from the weep hole. The only things replaced were the things I have listed. When the tractor is ideling it will drip occasionally, but when higher RPM's or in gear running it is a steady stream. The seals that were replaced were the ones on the inner and outer shaft coming through the multipower manifold.
GEEBEE I would go ahead and split it, you knew you were going to have to do that when ya bought it, that 150 should be worth around $6500 in good shape so ya have a little leeway to play with, no telling what it is until ya get in there.
lex Is there anyway to check the housing? Is wear going to be obvious? I still need to order a shop service manual for this tractor before I tear into it. Local dealer wants 650 just to break it in two....may be a good price maybe not, its still 650. Once I get the manual and see if it is something I can do I will decide if its me or them repairing. I would like to do it myself but the again it is new teritory for me. on a scale of 1-10 what would you put this at?

GEEBEE I been outta the retail end for a while but $650 sounds like a lot of money for a couple hours work splitting it !! If you remove the inspection plate under the bellhousing you may be able to see it leaking, take care if under there with motor running and keep your hands out, a flashlight and mirror may haelp.
Pick up a genuine MF service manual and you can "walk" through the job. Email me if you need more info.

lex Thanks, I just may be doing that.

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