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Starting my fergie after 18 months

Stewart Brown Ive heard starting my Fergie after a long break requiresthe upper cylinder heads to be lubricated before started up? Is there any truth to this, and if so how is it done?
Len For gas engines, one of the old "long term storage" prep items was to remove the spark plugs, but about a tablespoon of oil, turn the engine over a few times and then replace the plugs.

Most such advice required you to use a particular brand of oil, in my case Marvel Mystery Oil.

It probably wouldn't hurt to do this now, but I don't know how much it matters. Expect it to smoke :-)

On rebuilds, some people use a drill or something to spin the oil pump to lube the engine. I just use assembly lube, which is more like grease, when I put an engine together.

Stewart Brown Thanks for the reply! IS there anything else I should be doing or be aware of before I try to start it?
Len If I told you 50 things and you thought of another 50, we could still miss a major problem......

If it's been where birds or mice can get to it, check anywhere that can get hot enough to burn a nest. I have a tractor that will go about 1/2 a mile in road gear before a wren's nest bursts info flames and blows back around you while trying to burn the grease and wires off the engine.

Make sure it's in N before you start, just pushing in the clutch isn't safe, a clutch can stick after sitting. After its running, be careful when you try to move it, use idle speed and a low gear.

Make sure the fan is free to turn.

You might drain the stale gas and add fresh, but no more than necessary to get it started.

If the brakes were set, free them and try rolling the tractor back and forth to make sure they aren't stuck. You can try this in gear, ignition off, watching the fan to see if it's locked up.

I'd take it outside if possible and have a fire extinguisher handy.

Start it a low RPM and be ready to shut it down if it doesn't sound, look or smell right.

Just speaking from experience..... 18 months isn't that long in tractor years....

Stewart Brown Ive got it going! It was just a simple matter of removing the fuel bowl, putting in fresh fuel, and it started without any coughs or splutters, just straight into life! Thanks for the tips though, no doubt I will be asking heaps more! How does the three point linkage work, and does it have a park brake?

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