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MF 65 clutch adjustment?

Nick I have MF 65 which I suspect the clutch to be slipping slightly. (engine RPM's are higher than anticipated ground speed under plowing load)

Several people have told me to tighten the clutch. I turn my own wrenches but have never tightened a clutch on anything. I have read on the 265 and 165 you readjust a clamp on the shaft that the clutch pedal attaches to. Is it the same on the 65? Thanks in advance for ANY advice for my situation.

GEEBEE Yes Nick its the same, i will email you a diagram showing how to do it.
Nick GEEBEE thanks a lot for the diagram! Very detailed. The diagram appears to be a slightly different model, but extremely similiar to my model 65 perkins diesel. I can make that adjustment no problem.

However, I am concerned that this adjustment will only adjust the "pedal travel" or "slack in the pedal". Am I mistaken? My issue is the clutch actually slipping under heavy load. No problems under no load. My pedal does not seem sloppy with lots of play.

I suppose the PTO clutch adjustment will only fix problems with the tractor powering attachments such as a shredder or water pump.

Some guy told me to remove the plate from the bottom of the bell housing and tighten the bolts with the springs on them ( he thought there would be 6 or so) "if the clutch is adjustable on that model". He mentioned to pay close attention and tighten the bolts evenly, ie: exactly 2 turns per bolt or what ever it needs, start with 1/4 turn and progress until clutch no longer slips.

So my questions before I start taking things apart.
Will the external adjustment of the pedal fix my clutch slipping issue?
If not, is my clutch adjustable by tightening spring bolts on the clutch itself internally? I hope I can get to it through the plate on the bottom of bell housing.

Thanks again GEEBEE

GEEBEE Main clutch is not internally adjustable.
I replied to your email.

grant i have a 65 masseyferguson 1958 with a perkins diesel. when i engage the engine pto it turns slowly but when i put it under a load ,like a rear mounted mower 540 it does not have the speed or the strength to turn it over fast enough .is ther a coupler that could have broken ? or is the clutch sliping ,as i don't read very well do you have a diagram of the pto system. and could you email it to me
larry heger I guess you call it the ground clutch, it is fine. but the pto clutch slips just under I light load. it kicks in good and runs just setting still. try to mow with it and load up and there is goes or should I say stops. any help would be great,,,,, help, thanks
Les Jones I have a similar problem on my 65, PTO clutch appears to slip under load, engages and rotates implements but stops under light load, would this be an adjustment problem on the 3 clutch pressure plate screws ? Thks Les

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