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Newbie Fluid Question

Scott Hi All,

I have just purchased a Gas 1958 MF35, and I need to change all the fluids. I've ordered a service and owners manual, but they may not be here for a few weeks. Does anyone have a link to a list of which types fluid I need, with quantities. I also need the p/n for the oil filter. Can't look it up by serial No, since the plate is missing...

Many thanks!


garymck The engine crankcase takes 5 U.S. quarts or 6 with a new oil filter. I use 10W30 oil. The transmission/hydraulic system takes 8 U.S. gallons. Straight mineral oil SAE 90 is recommended but many use GL-1 from NAPA stores. Do not use gear oil. My manual says the oil filter kit has a part # 1014219M91. You will have to get this from a MF dealer.
garymck I checked my shed and the part # on a replacement oil filter (boxed) is 835817M91 (from MF). But I have used other filters on it, namely a Hastings LF102. This was found through cross-reference through a John Deere dealer.
garymck The internet gives a suitable relacement for the Hastings filter as a Wix 51010.
garymck By doing a cross reference on the internet, suitable interchangeable oil filters are NAPA FIL 1010, Wix 51010, Fram C3P or Purolator L20110.
Scott Thanks so much - that's amazing.

What type of hydraulic fluid should I use and do the steering hydraulics have a separate reservoir and/or fluid type, or do they run off the tractor hydraulics?
....can't wait to receive my manual. It's a very confusing machine, since the previous owner sprayed everything red (engine, wires, hoses...everything), so it's hard to trace things.



garymck The transmission and hydraulics use the GL-1 oil I mentioned. The filler entry point is a large nut to the left of the shift lever. This fills for both. The engine oil filler is of course mounted at the front of the engine. If you have power steering, you will have to find that yourself. It takes 2/3 U.S. quart of transmission type A. I doubt you have a power steering unit in this tractor.
Gary I have the Massey Ferguson 50 is the trans and the hydraulics oil the same? I see on the right side of the trans there is a dip stick?
garymck The answer to Gary's question is "Yes".
Scott Thanks a bunch. One more dumb question. It has a front end loader, a separate Hydraulic reservoir, with the pump running off the pto. Do I use the same GL-1 in that system?



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