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MF135 dies out then starts back up

Jay gasoline 4cy.
Our tractor will randomly just start sputtering and lose power. Usually if you press in the clutch it will catch back up and take off just to die out again later. Some days you can run it for hours without a issue, others it will happen after 15minutes. Have cleaned/replaced filter and bowl aleady. Thanks in advance

GEEBEE You may well have the small cone filter in the tank above the fuel shutoff, could be partially blocked.
Scotty1 Check out your electrics (coil/condenser/points/cap and rotor)


Geoff Hi,

If it is spluttering and by feathering the throttle it comes good it is a fuel issue. Check for partially blocked tank filter, dirt in jets.

If it is a miss it will be a bad connection in the ignition.

Is the problem only happening on 1)hot days 2)hillsides 3)low fuel level 4)after using for a while?

AlanMF135 I have been having the same problem after the tractor has been running about 45 minutes. I have only owned for 8 months and it has just started this over the summer. It starts chugging and acting like it wants to stall, but if I back it down and disengage the PTO (I am usually mowing) it will even out. I have to let it sit for an hour or so until I can mow again.
GEEBEE Couple of other things that come to mind with these Summer problems. 1. is the fuel tank cap venting properly. 2. do you have a fuel line running close to the manifold that could be rerouted or some type of heatshield installed on it.

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