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Smoking Massey

Rob I've got a Massey 35 that is hard to start, bogs down easily and exhaust huge amounts of black smoke. From what I've been able to glean in research, this is likely and fuel/air issue.
I changed both fuel filters, removed and had tested the injectors, one turned out to be faulty. Still bogging down and black smoke.
I removed the complete air cleaner and ran the tractor for about an hour. Really did not notice a difference in smoke, however, I did notice that where the rubber hose to the cleaner would normally be attached to the engine (next to the preheat starter element), that there was an exhaust coming from there and that when the engine would bog down (as it often does) I could see combustion (flames), almost like looking into a furnace. Is this normal?
If it is indeed a fuel/air issue, is it perhaps the fuel pump?
Any advice thoughts are much appreciated.

thepumpguysc Faulty "thermo-start" or key switch..
The thermostart should only be active while key is between crank and stop position..

Rob The thermostart is disconnected from the ignition switch.

thepumpguysc Rob, If you have "flames" coming out of your air intake pipe, it is NOT normal..Thats what made me think it was a "thermostart" problem,as they go bad ALOT..It still may be bad tho, stuck "open" allowing fuel to enter the combustion chamber..
Rob Checked thermo switch, it's working.
Rob I took the thermostart off and ran the tractor without it. Still plenty of black smoke if the throttle isn't wide open while backing up and while under load. The fumes smell sulphury and the exhaust is really thick.
I split wood with the tractor the other day and there wasn't a great amount (more than normal anyway) exhaust at high idle.

GEEBEE For whatever reason you are getting a lot of unburnt fuel in the engine, i would do a compression test (especially if you have the Standard Motors diesel) and check the injector pump and engine timing
Rob Thanks for the info, gentlemen. Just one more thing. I read elsewhere that high oil pressure may have something to do with the injector pump - is this true? My oil pressure gauge always reads in the high, red zone.
Rob I brought the tractor into a shop. Turns out it has a blown head gasket.

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