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Hydraulics quit working after installing Aux Hydraulic control valve.

William McLemore My Auxillary Hydraulics stopped working several weeks ago and then a few days ago all hydraulics went out and I removed the Auxilary Control Valve to check it out and found that although the stand pipe o ring was intact the stand pipe plastic washer had been destroyed and the stand pipe was no longer 90 degrees to the top of the valve base. So trying to reinsert the standpipe into the 1/2 inch female insert in the bottom base of the Auxillary control valve would cause the standpipe to bind. So I removed the entire hydraulic lift cover to get a better look. When removed I found the stand pipe was about 10/20 degrees angle from 90 degrees to the base. There was also a H type bracket that was loose inside but everything else looked intact and there were no residual metal filings, or apparent broken pieces etc. Any help would be appreciated

GEEBEE Did you have any unusual knocking noises coming from the pump ??, i am wondering if one of the dowel pins on the pump or the front of the pump housing has broken allowing the pump to rotate.
william mclemore Don't recall any unusual knocking at anytime the lift were being used. It operated smoothly and draft was quick or slow depending on the draft control position. I had continue to use the PTO and hyd control lift very successfully since installing the aux hydralic control valve with a bush hog, and 5 foot disk prepping a 8 acre field for sprigging. However, when I finally hooked up my aux hydraulic lines to my cutter haybine and they were no longer working. At that point of course I tried removing and reinstalling the Aux Hyd control valve and noticed the binding on the when trying to reinstal. I then reinstalled the original cap on the hyd. lift cover but now none of my hydralic were operational. Thats when i removed the hyd. lift cover. I will take a picture of the standpipe which has rotated on the pump and upload it tonight. There's a loose 7 inch long H bracket that is sliding up and down on the bottom of the pump. Not sure what that is or where it should acutally be attached.
Re: Hydraulics quit working after installing Aux Hydraulic control  valve.

The H bracket you are refering to is the control valve lever that operates the control valve in the pump (see pic), the arms at the top should have a roller in them to engage the position control arm coming down from the lift cover, the R.hand side plate should always be removed and the roller removed by spreading the arms before taking off the lift cover, your roller is no doubt in the bottom of the casing, now whether yours had become detached before (causing your problem) or during the removal of the cover is the question, it is also possible you may have torn the linkage off the pump if the roller was still engaged. I think at this stage you need to pick up a MF service and parts manual from the dealer ,this will show you how it should be assembled.

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