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massey ferguson 383 power steering cylinder removal

Rodney I'm trying to get mine off but cant. It's leaking badly.

I removed the ball joints, the hydraulic lines and a bolt from the middle where it is mounted. It just swings there.

Also, the center where it pivots - there's some sort of joint there with a big bolt going through the frame. I managed to get that nut off but it's still not dropping.

Any ideas on how to get this thing off?

Lonnie Harrelson Rodney, I just had the same problem on my 399. I also have a 383 and they look the same. Put nut back on center ball joint down to top of studd. I heated housing around ball joint real good and used med size ball joint tool and 5lb hammer and 2 good licks and it popped loose. Thanks Lonnie
Rodney Thanks Lonnie. How in the world were you able to get a sledge hammer to the center ball joint - it's tight in there.

Rodney I figured it out. That is, I figured out how to change all of the numerous o-rings and seals necessary to rebuild the cylinder - on the tractor. I did not take it off.

Essentially, on the side (right side if you are sitting in the tractor's seat) of the power steering cylinder, there is the outer grease seal and surrounding it in the housing there appears to be two gaps. On the side of the cylinder is a small plug of silicone. You pull the plug out. Then get a screwdriver or punch or something similar and a hammer. Put the screwdriver in one of the gaps I mentioned a minute ago (not in the plugged hole) - then tap it with the hammer to make it turn in the cylinder. When you do this, you will see a rounded piece of metal turning in the plugged hole in conjunction with the piece you are turning in the cylinder. Eventually, you will find the end of it. It is a round piece of spring steel and it will pop up a bit in the area where you pulled the silicone plug. All you have to do now is to continue to tap until you back the entire spring steel keeper thing out of the hole. You can then slide the shaft out of the cylinder and replace the majority of the seals. Then you replace the remaining seals (3, including the outer grease seal) in the other end of the cylinder (the left side of the tractor as viewed when sitting in the seat). Then put everything back together.

Its pretty tedious but not bad if you know what to do. I got it all back together. I just have to tighten up the ball joints, reattach the hyd lines and top off the hyd fluid. Hopefully I'll get this done in the morning.

I hope it doesn't leak - I do not think it will. The two internal blue silicone seals were in really back shape and crumbling - that was the main source of the leak I'm sure.

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