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MF1010 stopped pulling

Charles Allen I have a 1989 1010. It has recently developed a pulling problem. It will barely pull in low range and will not pull at all in high range. Can anyone give me a clue as to what the problem might be?
terry Is it a hydrostatic drive or gear drive? If it's a gear drive, sounds like the clutch is going to me. But that's just an educated guess.
Charles Allen It is gear drive. Would the clutch work differently in low range than is would in high range?
terry I'm not a mechanic, and I do not have anything available to me for troubleshooting, but I think it makes some sense the the clutch might have enough grip left in it to pull some in low range. These tractors are pretty simple. The fact that it's having problems in both ranges seems to indicate it's not the range shifter.

I'd adjust the clutch and also make sure you have fluid in the trans before doing anything drastic. On the clutch, measuring at the clutch pedal, you should have 9/16 to 3/4 inch of free play.

If that doesn't change things, I'd have to take it to a dealer. To change the clutch, you have to split the tractor. And if I were going to put that kind of money into labor, I'd want to make sure everything in there got a good checkup while it was split. Something else could be about to go. You should make sure the dealer can get parts before making the trip. I would think you can still get a clutch and a throwout bearing, but you never know.

jim charles. if it doesnt seem like slipping clutch, check fuel filters for adequate flow. no fuel, no power!

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