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Morris Wadds Does anyone have a wiring diagram they can share with me. My MF 135 was built in 64 and still running strong. I can't get it to charge and I think the problem may lie with the regulator which is swinging on it's wires. it has got to be pretty simple but the wires have been replaced and the wire cover colouring is all over the map.

Shorty Cox You say it runs, so if your problem is a lack of charging, do the following.

Converting from a generator to alternator is a fairly simple process regardless of the type of vehicle, i.e. tractor or auto. I’ve done it many times on old autos and once on a tractor. Unlike autos that have an ignition switch, tractors have an oil pressure switch to activate the electrical charging system. (That is the few tractors I’ve been around) Once the oil pressure comes up, the switch is opened sending energy to the generator by way of the voltage regulator.

Do the following.

1.Find the voltage regulator and remove it.

2.Identify the small wire that goes from the voltage regulator position to the oil pressure switch mentioned above.

3.Identify the small wire that goes from the voltage regulator position to the generator. (Secure any other wires and forget them)

4.Splice these two wires together at the voltage regulator position. (Now you will have energy (12 volts) from the oil pressure switch to the generator position when the engine is running and the oil pressure switch is open.

5.At the generator position, there should be a heavy gage wire with constant energy (12 volts). This wire is tied direct to battery sometimes by way of the starter.

6.Go to the parts house and purchase an AC Delco alternator with an internal regulator. Also purchase a “pig tail” for the alternator. (The little plug that plugs to the terminals on the alternator. It will have a large red wire and a small white wire)

7.Do what it takes to bolt the alternator in the place of the generator. Adjust belt tension.

8.Attach the large heavy gage wire identified in step 5 to the stud terminal located on the back of the new alternator.

9.Plug the “pig tail” onto the two terminals located on the side and to the rear of the alternator. Attach the large red wire to the same stud terminal you attached the wire in step 8.

10.Splice the wire identified in step 4 to the white wire on the “pig tail”.

Start her up and she should charge once the oil pressure switch opens.

The beauty of this is, one can have a good charging system cheap.


jimmy webb I have a charging problem,and my lights dont work and i dont have a wiring diagram,HELP please
David R. Baham

I hope this helps everyone.

Ray I need a wiring harness diagram for a 1970 MF 135 Diesel
Hendricks Moirapula I would someone to assist me 135 Massey Ferguson Diesel Wiring Diagram so that I can do mine.


tom little could you please e-mail me a 1970 c135 m.f. wiring dia --thanks TOM
Kiprono Nicholas want someone to assist with wiring diagram for Mf 135
Billy Nuckles I need the wiring diagram for a 135 Massey Ferguson
Ron Haynes I have a MF 135 diesel with an alternator with an external voltage regulator. There are four paired wires on a circuit. one connects to the voltage reg, one connects to the oil pressure guage, one connects to the small post on the solenoid, but does anyone know where the fourth wire go?
john janowiak I'd appreciate any help. Don't know what year it is. but I estimate 70's or later. A diagram is all I need.

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