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Ran out of diesel, now won't start even after re-filling

Jan Howard Hello, I'm a complete novice with diesel engines, and my old MF 35 D tractor ran out of diesel and stopped, so I filled it up but it won't start there an airlock somewhere or something I've got to prime or whatever? Cheers Jan
Dave I I have a 304 diesel but the princable should be the same. Basically you need to start at the tank and work your way to the injectors. First, go to your lift pump and prime that with the pump lever that is there. If you have a sediment bowl, fill that and pump it about 10 more times. Next, go to your fuel filter. There should be a bleed screw or bolt on top of the housing. open that and pump the lift pump until you get a solid stream of diesel. Close the vent. If it has 2 filters inline, do the same to both. Next, got to the injection pump. On mine there are 2 little bolts on the side of the injection pump, an upper and lower so hopefully yours is the same. They are small, around 1/4" head. If so, open the lower one first and go pump the fuel until there is no bubbles. close it and do the same to the upper bolt. You don't need to take those all the way out, 1-2 turns will be enough. Give the pump another 10 pumps or so and go to the injectors. I start with #1 and go down the line. You want to crack open the line that connects to the injector amd the crank the motor over until you get fuel out of the line. Close it and do that to the rest of the injectors. You may have to do this more than once to each injector, but when you have the air out, it will probably start before you close that last injector line. I hope this helps.

creed rollins u will have to crack the lines to injectors i would think,,roll engine over till fuel comes out,,do one at a time,,some units on other diesels have a pump on them,,like a coleman gas lantern,,u unlock it with a turn and use plunger to pump it up,,shylifts,,broadersons and such have this system,,not sure on your tractor ,,how its set up
ste.m Dave, I am having the same problem with the Massey 148 and followed this step but after getting it started again the top nut on the injection pump blew off leaking diesel everywhere. The outer larger nut had also came off with the smaller plug nut and looking at it closely it appears to have been glued on of some sort.There is no evidence of shearing, any advice would be appreciated.

thanks ste.

Mia I have a John Deere 950.I ran out of Diesel and I now can't start, it acts like it wants to. I don't know much about mechanicals this was my husbands and he took care of these things. Please dumb down the comments if any. TY Mia

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