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massey ferguson 3630

scott mabe i have a 3630 the brakes lose pressure over night and i have to go through the bleeding process or pump them for a couple miles seems if i put the pto in gear they pump faster had trouble with the pto stopping last year and replaced several switches and the computer under the floor board now the pto works but the pto light flashes and the brakes lose pressure no leakes out side tractor any help thanks
Geoff Scott I think you have a problem with the seals on the inboard brake pistons....remove the axle housings and replace the "O" rings and check the state of the brake discs themselves...if the oil has a burnt smell about it replace it as well...reassemble everything and bleed the brakes ....Geoff
scott mabe thanks geoff is this a job i could do can you tell what it consists of thanks again
Geoff Scott only you can decide whether you are able enough to tackle the job. First thing obviously is to remove the wheels one at a time and do each side separately. Remove the bonnet before you jack up the cab or it will foul on the windscreen....more money!! drain all the oil and then remove each side axle in turn..Rebove the brake disc and then the piston and you will see the "O" rings...they will probably be hard. Clean the grooves where the "O" rings go.... thoroughly and smear the new ones heavily with vaseline...not grease...... refit them and then the brake VERY careful not to damage the "O" rings on assemblt or all your effort will have been in vain and you won't be able to get the brakes to bleed and have to dismantle again until you get it right....check the condition of the brake piston and the reaction plate...thats the other shiney plate the brake disc gets trapped between when you apply the's a heavy job so you might want someone to help you...the use of a floor crane or trolley jack or forklift would be almost essential...once you have it all back together you can bleed the brakes as you did before....Hope this help you....Geoff
scott mabe thanks geoff i think ill try it myself

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