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Massy-Ferguson TO/MF 35 3 point hydraulic lift hitch arms up not lower

Ken MacPherson 2 questions here;

#1 how do i tell if i have a TO or MF 35?

#2 Lovely Sunday for brush hogging the fields, but then about 45 mins into working the tractor decides to lift up the mower. I did nothing. Just magically right in hte middle of doing this lifted the brush hog and never put them down (unless I turn off the tractor or engage the clutch)...

2.b I notice this happening when I first got the tractor I figured it was my stupidity on not knowing anything about tractors, draft control, and position control levers action.

The manual says "Most hydraulic systems trouble is caused by dirt or gum deposits. The dirt my enter from the outside, or it may show up as the result of wear or partial failure of some part of the system. The presence of gummy deposis, however, usually results from indadequate fluids or from failure to drain and renew the fluid at the recommended intervals."

What are they recommend intervals?
How does one check the hydraulic levels?
I love vaguely helpful service manuals!! They're like a wife that tells you she's mad at but not what you're supposed to buy to shut her up.

I noticed that under the seat in the front left corner there is minor fluid at the seam. Is this a leak? High pressure hydraulic system is different then a oil case.

According the manual:

"Probable cause is a damaged control valve spring Remove inspection cover from center housing and determine if spring will put value to discharge"

From the diagram, it looks like that control spring is adustable. There is a pin and clevis according to the diagram. Could the pin have come out the adjustment wiggled the wrong way?

I purchased the tractor at auction, therefore don't have a clue about its history nor previous owner (s).

Do I remove the seat and start removing bolts or call my local service guy?

Seneca Sir, Lots of questions. I wish I could answer them . The only things I can help with are: The serial number plate will tell toy if it's a TO or MF as well as the badge on front of the hood. If It's 12V it's probably a MF. Hydraulic oil check is a dipstick on right side differential/transmission case. When you determine exactly what tractor you have go to a MF dearer and talk to the service guys, I get lots of good info that way.

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