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Massey 35 - Need some help

Jason Ok, this is my first tractor, so forgive any stupid questions. The tractor is a 1959 Model Massey-Furgeson MF35 Deluxe, has a continental 4 cyl. gas engine. And here are some questions I have right now.

#1) I have oil in the bottom lid of air filter canister. I was told that was normal, that there was supposed to be a certain amount in there.

#2) I have to keep one hand on the choke to keep the tractor running at what seem to be a smooth pace. I assume I need to do a carb rebuild?

#3) The is a tube coming from the head that come down beside the fan. It seems a good bit of oil is coming from this tube. I assume this is a blow by hose? does this mean the rings are shot, or a stuck valve or a something worse?

#4) it has had a new gm alternator installed and solinoid, distributor cap and plugs. But if the + battery terminal is not removed after every use, the battery will be dead the next morning. Maybe a wire grounded somewhere that shouldnt be?

Any help anyone could give on any of my issues, I would greatly appreciate it. I am a motorcycle guy, but I am not scared to wrench on anything and pretty capable unless there is a serious motor issue that needs attention.

Re: Massey 35 - Need some help

#1 yes, should be oil in air filter bowl, should a line on bowl to fill to with engine oil.

#2 Sounds like fuel starvation, disconnect fuel line at carb an' check for good fuel flow from tank, fuel filter etc, may be a filter in tank above shutoff and in fuel line were it enters carb, maybe dirt in carb ??

#3 Hard to say whats causing the blow by, as you say could be rings, valves or even leaking head gasket, is it smoking?,

#4 The alternator should have an "exciter" wire going to the #1 terminal on the side of the alternator this wire should have an inline diode installed to prevent feedback, i will post a pic showing this if i can find it.

Jason Glad the oil is supposed to be in the filter, had me worried.

I bought a carb kit last night at tractor supply, I also bought a new exhaust system since mine has nothing past the manifold and is LOUD. I will check the fuel system to see if it is weak flow. The tank has been cut in half, any rust was wire brushed away and then the inside of the tank was coated.

There are no leaks around any gaskets up top, the lower front mail seal is leaking howerver, so I assume bad rings/blowby/stuck valve.

I will have a look at the alternator this evening and see what if it was wired right. Any idea what size diode to use?

I bought have bought a repair manual, new exhaust, carb kit and new seat top and bottom cushion, now all I need to do is get this leak addressed and she will be good as new. I plan to paint it at some point but only after it runs like new.

Thanks again for any and all help to this point, those here and via email.

GEEBEE Jason the diode is a 1N5408 which i think is a 1amp/50volt . If your alt. is the GM 10 SI it is internally regulated, and doesn't need the old regulator, has the old regulator been removed or bypassed ?, this is something else to look at.
Jason I am not sure if the old regulator is still there or not, I will see if I can find out which alternator is on it.

I got the new seat cushions put on yesterday and I bought a full exhaust from tractor supply and installed it. Now I just need to get the carb or fuel problem worked out in addition to the battery drainage.


Ted Just purchased to35 Massey Ferguson tractor , I would like to know what type oil goes in the hydraulic system. I believe the tractor is a 1958 or newer.Haven't been able to match serial number yet. Thank you for any help.
GEEBEE Ted, it takes GL1 80/90 weight MINERAL oil to MF specs M1103
Les Delancy If one of these tractors has been upgraded to an alternator, how would you make the tach work?
GEEBEE Les, this is always a problem when converting the gas engine to alternator. There is a seller on ebay offering converted alternators for $170 that will accept the tach drive, the other alternative is to install a low rev electronic one running off the neg. side of the coil, a number of the auto parts stores have them.
randall rankin Have to keep choke pulled out to keep engine running and has no power. Have checked carb for leaks and found none. Notice when sits idle the carb flows with gas as though float is not closing, Have good flow of gas to carb and drains good when i remove plug. Do you think the problems could be solved with re build or what to you suggest.

Thanks for any help, want to plow for garden.

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