mf 245 power steering

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mf 245 power steering

gs mininger Just had a steering ram re-sealed, got the equivlent to Permatran-3 at a local parts house, does this tractor use a lighter fluid in the power steering unit, seems like the pump is not getting fluid to steering box or to assist rams, was working fine before rebuid just had to fill with fluid, seems to me this tranny fluid is to thick, what would be the original type fluid for this model. seems to me the prior fluid I was using was much thinner, any help will do.
GEEBEE Permatran 3 is the correct oil. You may have a bunch of air in it ?To bleed remove filler plug an' work steering lock to lock with engine running until all bubbles are gone, this can take some time, refill as you go.
gs mininger Thanks GEEBEE for your response, I filled with fluid and had someone move wheels left and right to draw fluid into cylinders and with the engine on left in locked position for sometime like the manual says but to no avail. There is totally no assist to the steering, is there a bypass valve or acheck valve somewhere that could be stuck open, also what would be the difference between a bad power steering pump versus an orbital steering motor, at theses prices I would prefer buying the rigt part first and not have to go through the motion of getting gigged by buying both parts only to find it could be something else, also why are these orbital motors not being rebuilt, I could not find any of them anywhere and nobody seems to say they are available, at these prices I need to save every penny to help pay for the fuel at $4.29 a gallon, all help will be appreciated, I know you former dealer mechanics have dealt with this problem on the1 and 2 series tractors and by reading a few of these questions in this forum it seems to be a common situation, my problem with my dealer is he wants to send out a truck, pick up the tractor, work on it in the shop and then send me a $2500.00 bill, I still have half a brain and all ten fingers, ain't as bright as I used to be but I can still count in dollars and sense, Thanks again
I sent you some info.

michael hi, I could use the same info on the mf245 power steering.....michael
Jonathan I could use the information as well please
kevin greek Well if u could send the info my way to. Sending cylinder to be rebuilt Monday, good possablity I'm going to have same problems later. tks
Rita Bergman I just bought my tractor and the power steering is making noise... can I use std power steering fluid and where do I add the fluid and how do I know when it is full? thanks!
jim lembcke hi GEEBEE, you sent gs mininger some info about his power steering pump on his mf 245....will you also send me the same info...thanx

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