MF 231S Diesel Starting Problems

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MF 231S Diesel Starting Problems

Lee Need some pointers on troubleshooting a 231S that won't start. Have changed fuel filter but still won't start.

Not a diesel mechanic but savy enough to follow directions and suggestions. Tractor can't be over 4 years old

Would appreciate any help from simple to complex.



curt Do you know under why the tractor stopped runing? did it run out of fuel? If it stopped from pluged filter you may have air lock between filter and injector pump! on the injector pump there may be two air drains, open them one at a time operate the starter untill you get a steady stream of fuel flowing, while under pressure close the drain and go to the second one and open it and do the same thing, if the tractor still will not start, open one or more injector lines at the pump one or two turns and operate the starter it should start soon unless you have more troubles else where, hope this is clear enough,
Four Bar When you change a fuel filter, you need to bleed the air out. There may be a couple of valves to do this, or there may be a lever on the fuel pump that you operate manually. Either way, you need to get the fuel filter full of diesel and the air out of the lines.
Gene Lee I have a 231 that just died on me on day. I thought it was the filter so I changed it, primed it with lift pump primer and still wouldn't start. I thought it might be the lift pump and found the discharge line on the lift pump was loose, tightened, bled injector lines and she started. I cracked the injector lines at the engine and cranked until she sounded like she might start, i went ahead and tightened lines and she started. Forgot all most all fuel lines were loose check em all, vibration is not your friend.
angelo james valentino My girlfriends father died, and he left her a massey ferguson 231s. her dumbass brother possibly turned fuel off. I say that because i turn the key, pull choke, nothing.... someone help me with starting this and what else it maybe besides a greddy cantankerous brother.


Bruce Is there an in-line fuse to provide spark to the diesel on the 231S. I understand that there is no glow plug on this series. it started for just a momen then died.
Mark Ran my 231 S this Spring, o problem. Wouldn't start 2 months later. Smelled like it was flooded. Would run a few seconds on a a little ether vapor. Pulled lines up and checked fuel up and thru filter. Checked solenoid in pump, opens and closes with ignition. Could not get fuel to injectors while cranking. Finally started but ran wide open on it's own,twice. Then would not start again. Ran like the throttle was stuck open. Now back to square one. Any suggestions?
felipe martinez was mowing for a few hours and all of sudden my 231S diesel just die and it will not crank ?? is a switch thats keeping it from cranking and starting???
Randal Burnette I have a 231s diesel 2001, Stoped while plowing , fuel was low but not empty, added fuel, now it will run just a few min. and cuts off.

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