MF135 diesel air lock

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MF135 diesel air lock

David Anderson I have a MF135 diesel that I started and ran for about 5 minutes without opening the fuel line!!! Needless to say the tractor died, but I'm having a heck of a time bleeding the lines. If I open a line at the injector and manually pump the lift pump will that bleed the lines? How many times should I have to manually pump the lift pump to fill all the lines and the fuel pump back up? How fast should fuel flow out the open injector line when I am pumping the lift pump? Thanks for any help you can provide (I won't forget to turn on the fuel line again!) .
GEEBEE You need to follow the correct sequence. Start at the primary fuel filter by opening the vent plug on top, hand prime till free of bubbles then tighten plug, slacken secondary filter outlet union and bleed, slacken the 2 vent plugs on injector pump and bleed, tighten first the lower and then the upper plug whilst priming. At this stage tractor may start, if not, you will have to slacken the unions at the injectors and crank engine till free of air. It should now start. If the tractor is ready for new fuel filters this a good time to install them. LOL
David Thanks for the advice GEEBEE, finally got it running. Had to slacken the unions at the injectors to get it to start.
Phil David, I'm happy for you but my MF135 is still sitting out in the woods! Unfortunayely I'm not a mechanic. Is the appararus you talk about on the right side of the engine? I can find the fuel lines and I can back off the nuts but I cannot get the lines out of where they're seated and I'm afraid of breaking them if I try too hard. There's a toggle switch of sorts located where a fuel line goes in and another goes out. Is that the lift pump you refer to? And where do I find the injectors? I'd appreciate any advice I can get. Anyone?
niall I had my mf 135 3 cylinder started yesterday as i got a mechanic to bleed it!!
it ran for about 30 mins then died out!
it has not started since!
it sounds like it is very close to starting but just wont!
what do i do?

Herbert I have an FL70 freightliner straight body truck 2001 with catapillar engine. It just happened that the egine died on me and after several efforts trying to crank it, i realised i was completely out of diesel . I filled it up and tried, but it wont start and i know its probably something to do with airlock, but i cant locate the prime pump. Whats the best thing i can do to solve this problem? Can someone please give some advice?
Thank you.

scott i can not find the primer handle on the fuel pump
Leslie Streams I had a leak at pump head and replaced seal with everything. Back together and bleeding system from filter to bottom and upper bleed ports and that's as far I could pump with prime pump I opened fuel line but I can get fuel to this point, what have put together wrong?

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