Scotts (JD) S1642 riding mower,safety cut-off problem

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Scotts (JD) S1642 riding mower,safety cut-off problem

PE This is almost wierd. Starts fine, then ignition is cut off when either releasing the clutch/brake pedal, or when engaging the mower lever (brake pedal still depressed). Has been intermittent (will run like normal for a couple or three mowings, then zots), and has also occurred one time when running - just cut-off and the wierd thing came back.

Checked the three switches, and the ignition swithch, whenever this happens, and they all have checked ok.

Couldn't get anywhere w/ Deere customer service, and the owner's manual does not have this in troubleshooting section. All they would do is offer to sell the service manual, for about 100 bucks. I'm sure i have a 5 buck problem.

Does anyone have a clue, and maybe the safety cut-off wiring diagram that i could "borrow?"

Thanks, PE

mactron Did you have any luck finding what is causing your problem??

Because I had the exact same thing happen to me last weekend

I have a Scott L2048 and was riding along and the engine cut off as well. Seems to be a very common problem recently.

It will start up and run fine until I release the clutch/brake and then it shuts right off.

The only difference with mind is that I can get the PTO to work when the clutch/brake is push down.

I read other forums and and most people and most folks were able to fix theirs by doing one of these five things -

(1) replace the safety switch under your seat

(2) replace the starter solinod

(3) replace the spark plugs

(4) replace the battery

(5) bad fuel

Of course I did all five of these things - and I still cannot get mind to go -

I have checked the belts and I have checked all the wires to make sure they are intacted.

I have looked at the wire harness diagram from John Deere and do not know what to replace next.

I heard and read alot of folks having the same problems - not only with my model - but quite few others John Deere models as well do ing the exact samething.

The only strange thing that occured before this all happen was that about two months earlier - the tractor would not longer go in reverse. The engine woudl die when it did (even with the PTO disenaged).

Never thought nothing of it - and was just going to live with it.

Anyone else have similar issues?

Any suggestions on what to do next - other than take it to my local John Deere rep.

pensa Thanks to mactron for his notes.

Even one of the parts guys at the local dealer did not come up with anything really conclusive.

I had been getting more and more like it may be the seat's cut-off switch, from just poking around forums and other links. But, i was at the dealer and he needed the serial #, so i decided to go on home and try "locking" the two switches that the clutch and PTO-lever actuate. After i did that, it runs like a champ again. There's no safety cut-off, but now i can mow.

What i did was take wrap a few plastic tie-bands around each of the switches, so that their plungers are held in. So, the electrical system thinks the clutch is depressed and that the PTO-lever is "off." Now, since it does not matter whether there's weight on the seat or not, i'm still guessing that switch is the culpret, and i'll get the tractor's s/n and be able to get a new switch.

Back to yours. I'm assuming your L2048 is a hydostatic drive? Like mine, there could be a reverse cut-off switch, and could yours have come out of adjustment-slipped or something, so that the cut-off occurs too soon when you move the lever towards reverse?

About the clutch and PTO deal being different than mine, i see what you mean. Just this week, a gentleman from Georgia sent me an e-mail w/ the cut-off system's wiring diagrams attached, and, i'll be darned, i must have accidently blown the message away. because, i'd like to check it as to why our situations.

mactron Thanks for the follow-up

In case you need it - here is the parts lists and diagrams for your model.

Just click under Sectional Index and then electric and you will find your wire harness stuff

My safety seat switch cost about five bucks at the local John Deere dealer

In regards to my tractor - yes it is hydostatic.

I have looked at the belt and idlers to and from the transmission and everything seems to be ok.

The last two years I have replaced quite a few of the idlers on the deck because they were cracked and worned out. But the ones to the transmission seem to be surprisingly ok.

I have looked at the rods and springs to the belt drive and these seem to be ok as well.

My first instincts still thing it is a safety switch as well - -

However - I must be completely stupid - because the wiring harness for my model show five switches.

But I cannot seem to find any switch that is related to the clutch or brake.

Where did find yours on your model?

Hey thanks for your help -

Chuck I seem to be going through a lot of mower drive belts on my Scott S1642 and their expensive. Have any ideas???
Kirk Smith My S1642 is also giving me problems. It will start but shuts down when take your foot off the brake or try to engage the blades. I originally thought it was the seat safety switch but replaced it and it still will not run. Please let me know if you found some other problem that was causing yours not to run.
randy Wright I have similar problem: Mower spent 2 days under water. Drained fluids(water) replaced with oil , blew out cylinders, replaced selanoid, charged battery, replaced fuse. Turn key nothing.. Suspect safety switches. Deere site does not show wiring diagram. I know about the one under the seat. Where is the others?


BOB D. I have a S1642 & mine wont turn over, it clicks when I jump it @ the battery & when I jump it @ the starter it turns over fine, but no spark. I bypassed the seat safty switch & still no spark. Thanks for any help in this matter if anyone knows or had their problems fixed. Bob
cliff I had the same problem and it was the safety switch in the seat.I replace it and it works fine.
mike8yt55 I have the 1642H. Same problem. Engage anything while it's running, and it will kill the ignition. Jumped the seat switch out, not it. What is the plug in relay under the dash for? Anyone know where to get a wiring diagram for this mower?
mickey6 Went nuts with the same problem. Ripped the whole wiring harness out, checked all the switches,etc.... Check the CONNECTOR that plugs into the seat switch. The CONNECTOR has a switch in it. Check continuity between the connections on the connector, it should read open. Now depress the little bar between the wires on the connector, it should show continuity. If this switch in the connector isn't made it will lock out the ignition by shorting it to ground. Look for the bar on the connector before you do anything else....yours may be different. This find got mine working after two weeks of troubleshooting. It doesn't show the switch in the connector on the wiring diagram. Good luck!!!
Rich B. I have a Scotts s1642 & found the brake switch to be the problem you all seem to talk about. It's under $15.00, but it's a bitch to replace. You need to do it pretty much by feel.
mary I have a 1642 Scotts rider and it was running fine, turned it off, when back to start it the key wouldn't go all the way in, replaced ignition, nothing, replaced battery, nothing. Guess I'll try the seat safety switch.
Stephen Hariu Will not turn over without jump starting directly from battery to the starter

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