Spark problems on John Deere SX75

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Spark problems on John Deere SX75

Bruce Hampton The spark pattern does not seem to coincide with the piston cycles(it sparks multiple times in one cycle. I have replace the rectifier and spark controller on side of engine to no avail. What next, could it be the coil?
ross That's the way the engine is supposed to work. It will fire twice per engine cycle, since the flywheel is hooked up to the crankshaft and also the magnet to fire the spark plug it will cycle two times in the firing pattern. Does the engine run? If it runs but backfires I would take the flywheel off and look at the flywheel key it's probably sheared. You might also look into putting a starter circuit relay on that engine, as long as its a Kawasaki.
Neil Strohmaier I have another problem with my SX75 which has the 9HP Kawasaki Engine. I recently replaced the mower deck belt which broke. Before replacing it after the unit would get hot I could not release the blade and than engage the blade again without the engine shuting down. The attempted engagement would stop the engine. If I let it sit and cool down no problem, but as soon as I disengaged it again after it was hot it would again shut down. Any thoughts on what is causing the shut down after trying to engage when hot. Also, at times I will not get a crank after turning the key just a click and than after trying many times and just getting a click it than starts.
Henderson Turning the key and only getting a click is probably the starter going bad. The problem will most likley keep getting worse. I was able to find a new starter for around $70.
TB My SX75 is only running/mowing while in choke. Think it's the carb, do you think it could be something else?
Clark W. I need a new rectfier. My local JD dealer service department says mine has had the biscuit.
Aparently they are not avialable anymore... so they say. I will have to look into that as well.
Do you want to sell sell the new one you bought that didn't make adifference?

John B I can start my Kaw engine by jumping the solenoid,but it wont start with key.Also, when its running i can shut it off with the key,but cant start it. I changed solenoid and ignition switch. Any ideas. im thinking a safety switch of some kind.
Re: Spark problems on John Deere SX75

Neils possible answer,1.) check your exhaust pipe
to make sure there aren't any obstructions.when you engage the blade it puts a high demand on the motor (at first)and if the muffler is failing
it my not have enough air flow to deliver the power required.2.)I have had problems with my safety switches, found if I jiggled my blade engage lever, and speed control lever it would start (clean the switches)Does anyone have a source for the rectifier ???

carl crawford I have a 12.5 Kawasaki motor on my john deere mower and it wasnt getting spark so i put a new coil on it and i new spark ignitor and disconnected the wire going to the coil and hooked it to a toggle switch and still no spark so if anyone could help me would you email me at THANKS!!!!!!
Jim Munkacsi The engine rpm increases and decreases during idle and mowing.
Dan Osborne My John Deer SX75 will not start when I turn the key, NOTHING HAPPENS. I have a new battery in it, and the 15 amp fuse is ok. Both indicator lights will not come on, and I have jumper ed the safety switch below the engine deck on what I think is the transmission which I think is the neutral safety switch, so I am sure that is not the problem. I sure could use some advice as to what to look for to solve this problem. my email address is
Anthony Cooper I have the key not starting my sx75 problem. after several of us scratching our heads and looking at the wiring diagram i jumped the trans switch connector on top of the transmission. It will now crank and run but it will crank in gear and this is a safety issue if someone else drives it. I will look for a trans switch and see if the problem was this.

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