How hard would it be to find a 1963 110 ?

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How hard would it be to find a 1963 110 ?

David W55 I was curious to know how difficult it would be to obtain a 63 110? I have seen a few 64 and higher on ebay, but am interested in finding a 63. Yes, Im aware it will likely cost at a premium over the 64-67s but am interested in finding on. also is there a good web site that documents the production specs of each of these early years of the 110 and 112? thank you
bontai Joe The best site for production data, specifications and history of early Deere garden tractors is www.weekendfreedommachines.ORG. As for finding a true unmolested 1963 Deere 110, there were only around 1000 made, so although there are some out there, they are not so easy to find.
bontai Joe I don't know your mechanical abilities, or desire to bring back an abused machine, but there are Patio tractors made by Deere that are also collector's items. An example is Ebay item # 7701075801 of which I have no connection, just offering it as an example, incase you can't find a '63 110.
David W55 I have kind of liked the 'Patio' line, but would likely only buy ine is super condition.
Im still mostly in desire of having the 63 through 67 110s. the 63 is obviously my most sought as the others come fairly easy if your looking for them.
Was the fiberglass fenders and 7hp engine just not widely accepted? hence the 1000 units sold.

bontai Joe I think the 1000 production run was more hesitancy on Deere's part in getting into the garden tractor business. They sold them all and production was greatly increased in following years. The fiberglass fenders were replaced with steel because of folks habit of placing a hand on them and pushing downwards while getting off. I'm sure many were broken that way. As to the 7 HP tec motor, these were sold as being capable of pulling a moldboard plow, plow snow, cut grass, drag cultivators, etc., and although the 7 HP could do it, it was a little light in the power department. By the time the model was discontinued in the mid 1970's, HP had increased to 10 and it's "sister" machine, the 112 had a 12 HP motor. As a side historical note, Deere had envisioned the 140 as matching up against the IH Cub LoBoy when it was introduced (a much larger tractor but with a 4 cylinder engine that only developed around 16 HP). These tractors were designed to be used on large gardens, estates, and to do serious work far above just maintaining the typical suburban lawn....... and without 25 HP V-twin water cooled engines :D
bontai Joe The original 1963 Deere 110's came with 7 HP Kohlers, not Tecumseh, my mistake. Just wanted to correct myself. And as a side note, in 1966 a new 110 with Manual Lift cost $719 and the standard 38" deck was $148 which is about what they would cost today used. Not many machines that hold their value that well (not adjusted for inflation). I went to Weekend Freedom Machines and counted 46 1963 Deere 110 tractors in their registry plus one pre-production prototype all owned by members there. Production in 1964 was roughly 10,000 tractors, so they must have been popular to make 10 times as many tractors the next year.
Trudy humphreys What would one cost that is being restored? Serial number 3477. My 14year old son was given one last month by a member of our church to restore.

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