John Deere Lawn Mower - Model GT275

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John Deere Lawn Mower - Model GT275

Billy J. Glenn Hi , can anyone tell me whats wrong with my mower

Problem; Battery keeps running down, replaced
with a new one . Didn't help! The alternator light comes on at times ,but not all the time. Seems like the alternator is bad ,but can't find it anywhere on the motor. Can anyone tell me where the alternator is located or if it even has one.


ross Your lawn mower has a stator on it. It works like an alternator, just smaller and it is bolted underneath the flywheel. There should be a two pin connector comming from the flywheel area. If you have a multimeter you can test unregulated output, which should be around 15 volts or higher. Then if you test at the regulator it will test around 13 volts. Look at your positive battery cable and see if the connection is clean. Check all of your ground connections also. Hope this helps.
Ron Probably not the alternator. Do this with the key "off". Remove the + battery lead from the battery. Connect your DMM on 12vdc setting to the + barttery post and the cable end you just removed. If you see any reading you have a parasitic loss... in other words, a short and/or defective component that is drawing current from the battery at all times.

BTW, never replace a battery unless it has been found to fail a load test. Most shops do load tests for free.

ross I have only tried disconnecting the negative battery cable and hooking a mulitmeter up to the cable and the negative side of the battery to check for a drain in the system, but if it works try it. Might also be the key switch itself.
billy Having trouble keeping battery charged.I found the stator under the flywheel as you told me . checked the voltage at the two pin connector,multimeter reads 0 volts on DC , but on AC ,reads 32 volts. My question , is the voltage dc or ac? Does the voltage coming from the stator go to a rectifier.

Cyndi I had to fix this problem on my gt275 this summer... easy fix don't worry about that stator.. its probably not the problem anyhow. That mower has a voltage regulator beneath the instrument cluster, simply get a new one and remove and replace. while your at it check all your wiring on the motor to make sure no wires have broken/melted, specifically the wire that comes from the instrument panel down next to the starter and up to the stator.
Howie Sounds like I have similar problems with my GT275. Sometimes it will run great for over an hour, and other times it won't last 15 minutes. I know when it stops mowing to shut off the mower and race back to the grage for a charge, esle I'm driving my truck out to the field to boost it. Hopefully I have Cyndi's problem. Would like to explore that first. What exactly does the regulator look like and what's involved in taking it out? If I have to get at the stator, is there much to taking off the flywheel? Do I need any special tools?



jerome i have a 11 hp tecumseh power sport motor have some wires coming out of the motor that are unhooked and my battery wont stay charged how can i figure out wich wire is my charge wire without taking apart the motor and does that wire connect to the cilonoid

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