Vintage JD 110 value

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Vintage JD 110 value

James sorry about the dup post on the other board. I thought I was posting her originally.

Ive always liked the old JD 110 models. I was given an chance to buy one this last week but Im not sure on the value. Ive only had photos to go off of initially. The seller lives about 60 miles away and I didnt want to venture the round trip if it wasnt a possible fair deal.

Since I cant post photos here I cant get anyone's input as to if this is a repaint or not. the front yellow plate, seat, mowing deck and push blade do Not appear to be repainted. Its hard to tell on the green paint of the tractor itself. It doesnt look fresh, but it looks slightly better than at least I think it should. If it is a repaint, it obviously isnt a recent one. this is a mid 60s version as it has the round fender.
It runs fine. Comes with mowing deck, push blade. has rear wheel weights and front mirror hub caps.
the seller stated he wasnt the original owner so he can't give me any info on the paint other than to say he hasnt repainted it and he cant really tell himself.

As a collector of old toys, trains, electric desk fans and other oddities I can say that repaints severely knock the value down of such items. I am guessing there is possibly a little more latitude on this with vintage JD tractors? or are they as purist as the vintage fan and toy collectors I know so well, and a repaint detracts severely?
The paint issue doesnt necessarily bother me too much, but Im naturally sensitive to it given my familiarity of how it detracts from other things i collect.

The seller is fishing in the $500-600 range. Is this a fair price for the mentioned setup irregardless of pain being original or not?

thanks for any input!

bontai Joe Yes, that is a very good deal, irregardless of the paint if it runs without smoking, the variator works properly and all the gears work with no noise. It is an especially good deal if the hood has no cracks. If you can get the serial number I can give you more info on it. There were only 1000 built the first year in 1963, starting with serial number 2551 using a 7 HP Tecumseh and a 3 speed tranny and fiberglass rear fenders. 1964 saw an upgrade to 8 HP and the rear fenders were replaced with steel (still a round fender). 1965 saw a 4 speed tranny and 1966 saw factory installed hydraulic lift as an option. 1968 was the first year without the round fenders. If the front blade is original to the tractor, it will have a brass serial number plate and be worth $150 or more to a collector, If the rear wheel weights are the old cast iron ones (not incased in plastic) they are worth a minimum of $100 to over $150. And if the tractor has the hydraulic lift (rare) or is a 1963 or a low number 1964, it is easily worth more than the $200 balance of the $500 asking price. Most collectors have repainted theirs except the extreme minority that insist on total originality. I have seen a repainted and totally restored Deere 1963 (I'm talking extreme restoration usually reserved for antique cars where even the "new" nuts and bolts were documented as original, even though they were polished and chromed, sell on Ebay for over $4000. That would be the extreme possible high price, but if you decide you don't want this, my e-mail is and if it is anywhere near PA/NJ/DE/NY/CT/MA I'd be interested in it for sure. You can learn more about these vintage Deeres at www.weekendfreedommachines.ORG where the best experts I know on Deeres hang out. You can scan the classifieds there and get an idea as to prices, as well as scanning ebay by searching for "Deere 110".

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