When is the Best Time to Buy?

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When is the Best Time to Buy?

jagalluzzo When is the best time to buy a tractor?- Is pricing better now during the winter or are you better off waiting till the spring- Do companies offer better financing rates during the "off season" or are they more aggressive in the spring.

My husband and I went out to our local JD dealer this weekend and we were told that JD is going to raise their prices March 1, 2005. Its their "published price increase". Any idea how much this increase will be? Are we talking a few hundred or few thousand dollars? Also their finance options are changing March 1, 2005.... do they typically get better or worse from Winter to Spring?

Thanks, Jackie

bontai Joe Generally, the best time to buy lawn and garden tractors is between Christmas and March. It's the slowest time of year at most dealerships except for snow blowers. Right now you might get a good deal on a left over 2004 or 2003 machine, because all dealers want old inventory to move out. As to how much of a price increase there will be, that depends on the model. Obviously the price on a $2000 "L" series won't jump $1000, but a $1000 price increase is potentially possible on a $20,000 machine because of rising steel prices, higher energy costs to manufacture and deliver it, and the decrease in the dollar's value in buying overseas components (like Yanmar or Kawasaki engines). There is no hard rule that applies to all makes, models and dealers, some guys are more willing to "haggle" than others, some guys are overloaded with last year's models, some guys are selling at list price and won't budge. You just have to go out and shop around. The least negotiable Deere models are the "L" series that are also available at Home Depot. There is very little profit built into the price in the first place, and the dealers and Home Depot are supposed to sell them at the same price so that neither cuts the throat of the other. I do not know if Lowe's and Cub Cadet dealers have the same agreement, but I would not be surprised.

What size tractor are you interested in? How large a piece of land will it be used on? snow removal? tilling? heavy hauling?

jagalluzzo We were looking at a JD X595. We have 10 acres... about 5 of which we would mow. The acreage we would mow is quite hilly so we were looking for 4wd. 2wd seems to slip and not make it up the our hills. We have a Yanmar 226D, so we weren't looking for anything really big. Just something that I can mow with, be comfortable on, have the power to make it up our hills, be able to last us 20years, and have a somewhat good turn radius.


bontai Joe The Deere "X" series machine are wonderful in every way, except maybe in price. I'd love to have one myself, especially if I had 10 acres. Have you compared costs vs. the Deere 2210, 4310, the Cub Cadet 5000, 6000, 7000 series machines? These other machines may offer you the same (or better) features for similar (or less) money. In no way am I putting down the "X" machines, just that some the other machines I offer mentioned offer a larger size, or lower cost, or larger HP, or are able to use attachments that might not be available for the "X" series. I only suggest the others, because if I was spending that kind of money, I'd want to be real sure I got a machine that would do exactly what I wanted done.

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