John Deere Sabre 2002 17.542

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John Deere Sabre 2002 17.542

TB Does anyone know what the differences are in the frame between the 2001 John Deere Sabre 17.542 and the 2002 version? If possible, can someone measure the frame width on a 2001 model and post that information? Thanks!!!
ross I doubt that there is any difference in the two frames.
bontai Joe There is a difference between these, but I don't know what, or how much. The 2002 and later machines are what the current "L" series is based on, and the attachments are different between these and the older models.
TB I ask because I have a snow blower that will fit a 2001 Sabre. I have a 2002 Sabre and want to find out if it will fit, and if not, what the diferences are? Thanks for all the info!
bontai Joe Deere parts on line shows a 42" snowblower #GX0422X for Sabres made in 2002 and the "L" series from 2003 to now. Sabres made in 2001 require blower #GX0421X, made in 2000 require blower #GX0420X. I don't know what the difference is, but I strongly suspect it is in the mounting. Your dealer may be able to order what ever parts are necessary to change the mount, especially if the blower you are looking at is a really good deal.
TB $300 new in the box - so I guess I would still be ahead if I had to buy the mounting kit for the 2002.
bontai Joe $300? A very SWEET deal, even if it takes another $100 in parts to mount it up. If you have the time, go to Deere's web site and work your way to the parts section. You have to register to use it (it's free) and then you can access each blower's part list AND drawing and match up stuff between the 2 units to find out what is different. Those would be the parts you would need your dealer to get for you. I can't put the web page up here as Deere won't allow links to their parts site, and the folks here also sell parts and are not real happy to see their competitor's site posted. I like this site and I don't want to make the owners here angry at me.
skruffy Do you happen to know what tractors a #GX0320X fits? My local HD has one for $100 and all they know is that it used to be on "some orange tractor" which leads me to believe it is for the Scotts/Sabre tractors, but I have no ide which model(s).


bontai Joe The snowblower you are looking at (GX0320X) is for a 1999 Sable LT, and not compatible with the "L" series of today. I hope that helps you out.
Greg I have a 2002 Sable 21hp garden tractor. I am having a difficult time finding information on what attachments I can put on it. A small loader is what I wanted but was told by john deere that there isn't one. Any info??
Marty Does anyone know where to get the part number for the 42" blades? The mower runs great but the blades have become nicked over time. Went to Home Depot and they were no help, John Deere site doesn't list the Scotts mower at all... I purchased a pair at Home Depot that has the 2 hole set up but haven't tried to install yet. I really just wanted to get the right part number so I could order.
Marty I just noticed the subject line and I meant to ask about the SCOTTS 2002 17.542 and not the Sabre.
Josh Marty: I believe the SCOTTS & JD are interchangeable.
brian does any one know if a snowblower model # gx0421x off a sabres fits john deere L118 2004

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