JD 316 ATF change

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JD 316 ATF change

kameron how to i change the atf in my 316 whare do i put the new atf in at and can i get the filter at napa any help would be great
kameron oh sorry its a 314
bontai Joe To fill the tranny, look at the rear of the tractor, above the hitch. There should be a vertical pipe with a cap threaded on the top pointing towards the bottom of the seat. Unscrew the cap an fill the tranny from there. Use either JD Low-Vis high guard fluid of Type "F" automatic tranny fluid. It is an awkward place to fill, and you have to go slow or it will "burp" the fluid back out at you. If memory serves me correctly, it takes 6 quarts to fill the tranny so that the fluid level is in the middle of the sight tube that is also located in a slot in the rear of the tractor. Some years had a dipstick instead of the pipe cap and sight tube, I don't know which yours has. As to a filter, my feeling is that the tranny is VERY EXPENSIVE to repair or replace, the Deere filter is less than $10 and only needs to be changed every 2 years or 200 hours, which ever comes first. I'm not willing to risk my tranny on a $3 cheaper filter that may not meet the specs.
kameron every time i take the cap off. tranny fluid runs out of it really fast. And the clear tube dosent have any fluid in it
bontai Joe I never had that happen. Is the tractor on a level surface? If it is on a slope, the backpressure on the fluid may be what is pumping out of the top. The cap is higher than than the reservoir and the fluid level should be several inches below the cap.
kameron crap i put type A atf in it is this bad what should i do?
kameron i used type A atf i this bad? and my mufler rotted off and i want to make one out of threaded steel pipe it this a good idea i dont have the money to get a jd one So im just going to go to the hardware store and make a new one is it ok for it to be straight pipe or dose it have to have a sertin backpreshure any advice would be great
bontai Joe I'd definitely drain out that type "A" tranny fluid and replace it and the filter. As to a muffler, Deere replacements sure are expensive, so making your own is one way to go. I would try to make sure that there was at least some backpressure to protect your valves.

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