Value of John Deere Model 420 lawn and garden tractor

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Value of John Deere Model 420 lawn and garden tractor

Art Renfro I mow approximately two acres of lawn. My current mower, a JD STX 46 is inadequate for the job. Recently a JD 420 with a 60 inch mower deck was offered to me for $4500. This seemed very expensive but I have no means of price comparison. I would like to visit with anyone who is knowledgable about the Model 420 so far as value, dependability and quality is concerned.

Thank you,

bontai Joe I answered this last night, but my post seems to have disappeared. The 420 has an air cooled 20 HP Onan twin cylinder. The engine is good for 1500-2000 hours. If the one you are looking at has around 500-600 hours on it (they have an hour meter), it would be worth $3500-4000 with the mower deck if in excellent condition in my opinion. If the tractor has a rear 3 point hitch, add $400, a rear PTO, add $350. Any attachmnets besides a mower deck? You can check prices on or Ebay.
jr I have a 420 with 60 inch deck and it is a strong machine, built like a tank. I payed around 2400 for mine but it had problems. I've fixed them for about $600 and lots of pain. I'm not a very mechanically inclined individual and this website was very helpful in giving me a way to figure out what was wrong. I posted questions and got good answers. Back to your situation, I would think that is the machine is in fine working order the asking price is right. Just my humble opinion.
Rick Shavensky I have a John Deere 420 with 765 hrs on it. It is VERY powerful and it's in great condition. When I bought it in 1998, it came with a 60 inch deck, snow thrower, rear blade, three point hitch, wheel weights and a PTO. The only work I've done on it was general maintainence and tuneups. I researched the JD420 for about 8 months before I bought and realized I was getting a pretty good deal. It was delivered to my door in Philadelphia, Pa from Albany, NY for $4300.00.
I'm a little bit late on the reply, but I hope that helps.
God Bless,

Joe LaCroix I've had a John Deere Model 420 since 1995. Very few problems, if you keep it serviced. I had the engine rebuilt a couple years ago. It had over 1900 hours on it before the rebuild.
Today, I have a problem.
The deck blades won't start turning whne I engage the mower. I don;t find a problem with the shaft drive or the blade belts. The light come on to show it's engaged but nothing happens. My wife told me that the last cope of times she used the mower, the blades would engage the first but if you disengaged the mower for any reason, they would not engage again until the mower sat for a couple hours.
I feel it's probably a sensor but don;t know where to look. The connection on the seat looks to be fine.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. would be helpful.


David Moser I just got my 420 last summer and have been working the bugs out. I had that same problem when I first got it.I would have to boost mine off before I could mow.when I put a new battery on it that has never happened again
aaron tighten the 3 nuts on the clutch a 1/4 turn

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